Protoform: HULI.2* [PN] Shoot of a plant, sprout

Description: Shoot of a plant, sprout
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

*1 Cf. PN *suli "banana or taro shoot"

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Futuna Uli Rejeton de taro; petit taro dégénéré (Mfr)
Emae Uri Shoot, sucker (Cpl)
Hawaiian Uli Early stage in the development of a foetus, as the body begins to form Uncertain Semantic Connection (Pki)
Moriori Uri Offspring (Shd)
New Zealand Maori Uri Descendant (Wms)
Nukuoro Uli A sprout of a plant suitable for planting (Crl)
Rennellese Ugi Shoots, sprouts, suckers, as of taro, bananas and plantains (Ebt)
Samoan Uli Sprouts from the taro (Prt)
Sikaiana Uli A shoot or root of taro (Dnr)
Tikopia Uri Shoot or sucker of plant (Fth)
Tuvalu Uli Shoot of a plant (Jsn)
Vaeakau-Taumako Uli Sucker, shoot growing from the base of a tree or other plant (Hvn)
Waya Culi Sucker of a plant, esp. banana or taro, also kava and others Problematic (Ply)
West Futuna Uri mouri Bananier avec feuilles Uncertain Semantic Connection (Rve)

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