Protoform: KALAWA.1 [PN] Strand of fibre from outer skin of coconut frond midrib

Description: Strand of fibre from outer skin of coconut frond midrib
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Futuna Kalava Outer layer of main midrib of coconut frond to which the leaflets remain attached when it is removed. Partie fibreuse jaune et fine de la nervure centrale de la palme de cocotier; trait délimitant chaquebande "fu'ataga" du siapo (Mfr). (Bgs)
East Uvea Kalavaʔi niu Partie superieure de l'ecorce de la feuille de cocotier (Btn)
Marquesas Kaʔava House purlin. Poutre de la façade de maison (Lch). Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dln)
Marquesas Kaávva A round log serving as a beam along the front of a house (Crk)
New Zealand Maori Kaarawa Flax line with nooses for snaring (Wms)
Niue Kalava To be seen like a strip on the horizon Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
Nukuoro Galava/lava Grain in coconut tree wood Uncertain Semantic Connection (Crl)
Pukapuka Kalava Fibres from coconut frond midrib membrane (Bge)
Rennellese Kagaba Shred, hairs on husked coconut (Ebt)
Samoan ʔAlava Fibre of butt of coconut leaf midrib (Prt)
Tokelau Kalava The outer skin of the top surface of the leaf stalk of a coconut frond (used for stringing fish, straining vaihalo, etc.) (Sma)
Tongan Kaalava Single strand of coconut fibre (Cwd)
Tuamotu Karava Braided-, rolled-, coconut fibre cord (Stn)
Tuvalu Kalava Skin of green coconut midrib (Rby)
Vaeakau-Taumako Kalava Rigid stem (usually of a coconut leaf) (Hvn)

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