Protoform: LAGO.2 [OC] Skid used to support or launch canoe; support, prop

Description: Skid used to support or launch canoe; support, prop
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to OC: Oceanic

*4 POC *la9on "rollers; place rollers under a canoe" (LPO I:203).
*5 PMP *la9en "rollers, skids or blocks to move or raise a boat"
*8 Note. Maranao la9en "roller for beaching a canoe" (Bst. 1979).

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Futuna Lago Caler, mettre un appui (Mfr)
East Uvea Lago Caler (Rch)
Easter Island Raŋo Scaffold (Fts)
Emae Rago Canoe roller (Cpl)
Fijian Lago Place rollers under canoe (Cpl)
Hawaiian Lona Block of wood used to support a canoe out of water Phonologically Irregular (Pki)
Kapingamarangi Langa Canoe support (Lbr)
Mangareva Rago Cross-beam. Poutre, grosse pièce de bois qui supporte le plancher (Rch)
Mangareva Rago/rago Pièces de bois mises en travers sur les chevrons d'un toit (Rch)
Marquesas ʔAko, ʔano (MQS) Rouleau sur lequel on fait rouler les embarcations (Dln)
Mota Laŋo Lay rollers for drawing canoe (Cdn)
New Zealand Maori Rango Skid on which heavy object is dragged (Wms)
New Zealand Maori Ngaro Skid on which heavy object is dragged (Wms)
Niue Lago vaka, lago tutua Supporting beams for a canoe when stored on land (Sph)
Niue Lago To defend, support (Sph)
Nuguria Rano Support, bearer (Dvl)
Nukuoro Lango Support (Crl)
Pukapuka Lango Poles to rest canoe on (Sby)
Rennellese Gango/suki Support v (Ebt)
Rotuman Lago/ni Put a block or support under (Cwd)
Samoan Lago Support, prop , raise on supports (Prt)
Samoan Laago Prop to rest canoe on (Prt)
Sikaiana L/lano To support, prop up (Dnr)
Tahitian Raʔo Rouleaux pour mettre à l'eau les bateaux (Lmt)
Takuu L/lano Support (one's head); support a heavy weight; anything used as a pillow; support under a canoe... (Mle)
Takuu Lano Roller for a canoe; head-rest, pillow (Mle)
Tikopia Rango Support, protect, look after; canoe skid, canoe block (Fth)
Tikopia Fe/lago/-aki Across (Drd)
Tokelau Lago Prop, supporter, skid (Sma)
Tongan Lango Prop up, support by placing something underneath; support, side with, defend (Cwd)
Tuamotu Raŋo Place rollers (under canoe), place supports (under structure) (Stn)
Tuvalu Lago Skid used to launch canoe (Rby)
Vaeakau-Taumako Lago Stick or roller for canoe (Grn)
Vaeakau-Taumako Lango vaka The two booms [of Te Puke canoe] together Uncertain Semantic Connection (Gge)
West Futuna Rágo/na Place paddle straight by canoe; support a plant (Cpl)
West Futuna Lago-a, lágoa A slip or platform for things; to put a thing on a platform; ward off a spear with a club Phonologically Irregular (Cpl)
West Futuna Rago/na To budy surf, catch waves (garu as object) (Dty)
West Futuna Lago To surf Phonologically Irregular (Dty)
West Futuna H/lago garu Body surfing, wave catching (vi) (Dty)
West Futuna Rango/nake Glisser avec la vague à l'abordage (Rve)

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