Protoform: TINI.1A [FJ] Reach a goal or a tally; a tally

Description: Reach a goal or a tally; a tally
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to FJ: Fijic

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Fijian Tini-a Fasten a rope or line; conclude a thing (Cpl)
Mota Tiŋ To set a bound Problematic (Cdn)
Samoan Tini (Pass) the finishing post, (reach) the goal (Prt)
Tokelau Tini Finish line, goal, end; goal, aim; pass the finish line, reach the goal; (of goal, wish etc) be fulfilled, be carried out (Sma)
Waya Tini End, conclude, come to an end (Ply)

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