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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Hawaiian NP.FAGA.2 Hono- Bay, valley (in placenames) Problematic
Tuamotu NP.FAQI Fai To bewitch, to injure by charms, spells; to pronounce a charm
Kapingamarangi PN.FAKA-KONOKONO Hakakono Thwarted, unable to follow out one's inclination or desires; repressed, frustrated
Penrhyn EP.FAAITO Haaito To measure, share out, economise; uniform; ruler
East Futuna PN.FAKA-QETEQETE Faka/ʔeteʔete Act with caution, with care, without noise; save, economise, respect, treat gently, keep in reserve
East Futuna PN.FAKA-KONOKONO Fakakokono(-ʔi) Contrarier
East Uvea PN.FAKA-KONOKONO Fakakonokono Bouder, se gonfler de colere Problematic
Kapingamarangi PN.FAKA-KONOKONO Hagakono Be stoic, stoicism
Niue PN.FAKA-KONOKONO Fakakono Distressing
Samoan PN.FAKA-KONOKONO Faʔaʔonoʔono To provoke; provoking
Tongan PN.FAKA-KONOKONO Fakakonokono Derivative of kokono have a grouch, harbour a grievance
Hawaiian PN.FAKA-ROGO Hoʔolono Listen, hear, obey, obedient
Marquesas PN.FAKA-ROGO Hakaʔoko (MQN), hakaʔono (MQS) Écouter, prêter l'oreille; obéir, être docile, obéissant
Nuguria PN.FAKA-ROGO Fakalono Betasten Problematic
Sikaiana PN.FAKA-ROGO Hakalono Listen, obey; believe the veracity of a statement
Takuu PN.FAKA-ROGO Hakallono Listen
Samoan PN.FANAGA Faagogo, faagono Tale Phonologically Irregular
Samoan PN.FANAGA Faagono A tale intermingled with song; (interj.) applied to a boaster Phonologically Irregular
East Uvea PN.FANOGO.A Fanogo, fagono Ecouter
Samoan SO.FANOGO.B Faagogo, fagono Tale
Samoan PN.FOFOGA Fofoga Honorific/polite term for face, eyes, mouth, head
Tongan PN.FOFOGA Fofonga Honorific/polite term for face, eyes, mouth, head, ears
Arosi OC.FONO.1A Hono Shut
Easter Island OC.FONO.1A Hono Patch, add, darn, mend. Knot by joining two ropes etc. (Wbr).
East Futuna OC.FONO.1A Fono Stop up an opening , board for canoe side (I)
East Uvea OC.FONO.1A Fono A plank for a canoe
Fijian OC.FONO.1A Vono Join pieces together
Hawaiian OC.FONO.1A Hono Join v
Lau OC.FONO.1A Fono Shut
New Zealand Maori OC.FONO.1A Hono Join v
Mota OC.FONO.1A Wono Close
Mangareva OC.FONO.1A ʔOno Ajuster des bois, des pavés en pierres, des fils qu'on ajuste en filant, filer égal; joindre une chose à une autre
Niue OC.FONO.1A Fono To join, patch (e.g. a hole)
Nukuoro OC.FONO.1A Hono Patch
Penrhyn OC.FONO.1A Hono Join, tie, fasten. Join (n) in canoe construction (Bck).
Pukapuka OC.FONO.1A Wono Join together, splice
Rarotongan OC.FONO.1A ʔOno Join v
Sa'a OC.FONO.1A Hono Shut
Samoan OC.FONO.1A Fono Patch, inlay
Tahitian OC.FONO.1A Hono To splice a rope, to join pieces of wood
Takuu OC.FONO.1A Hono The built-up sides of a canoe; wash-strake plank
Tokelau OC.FONO.1A Fono To patch a hole
Tongan OC.FONO.1A Fono Inlay
Tuamotu OC.FONO.1A Hono Join v
East Futuna PN.FONO.1B Fono Board for a canoe side
East Uvea PN.FONO.1B Fono Plank for canoe
Fijian PN.FONO.1B Vono-ta Join pieces of canoe together Problematic
Nuguria PN.FONO.1B Fono Setzbord
Samoan PN.FONO.1B Fono A plank of a canoe
Takuu PN.FONO.1B Fono Washstrake of a canoe