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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tongan OC.LALA.1 Lala tahi Shrub sp. (Vitex trifolia)
Tahitian FJ.LATA.2 Râtâ The Tahitian chestnut tree and fruit
New Zealand Maori CE.REFUA Autahi-maa-rehua Canopus
Hawaiian PN.LITO.2 Liko Leaf bud. A Tahitian banana (Musa troglodytarum)
Rennellese PN.TAU-TASA Tau tahi, tau tasi To be one, one at a time, singly, single coconut or pill
Tahitian TA.MAITU Maitu The name of one of the nights of the Tahitian moon or month
Tahitian CE.MAMO.1 Mamo Race, lineage, progeny (obsolete in Tahiti, but retained in other dialects)
Mota EO.MAPE.A Mwake Tahitian Chestnut (Inocarpus edulis)
Nguna EO.MAPE.A Na-mwabwe Tahitian Chestnut (Inocarpus fagiferus)
Tuamotu EO.MAPE.A Maapee (Mod.) Tahitian Chestnut tree (Inocarpus edulis) and its fruit
Rarotongan EO.MAPE.A Maapee The Tahitian Chestnut tree and its nuts
Tahitian PN.MASAME Mahame Tree sp., (Phyllanthus tahitensis) , (Glochidion ramiflorum)
Easter Island EP.MATAFITI Matahiti Year. Age (Wbr).
Penrhyn EP.MATAFITI Matahiti Year
Tahitian EP.MATAFITI Matahiti Année, an; âge
Mangareva CE.MA-TOFI.B O/motoʔi. O/motahi (Aud). 18th night of the moon (Laval).
New Zealand Maori EP.MATA-SIAPO Matahiapo Precious, prized
Penrhyn EP.MATA-SIAPO Matahiapo Eldest/first-born child, esp. first-born son Problematic
Tahitian EP.MATA-SIAPO Matahiapo Aîné
Tuamotu EP.MATA-SIAPO Matahiapo First-born child
Tahitian PN.MAAUI Mâui The name of a certain prophet, or wise man, mentioned in Tahitian traditions
Tahitian TA.MIRA Mira To dress the head or hair with gum and oil; to put pitch or gum on the ends of the Tahitian arrows
Tahitian CE.MOREFU.1 Morehu/rehu Dark, not well-heated, applied to the stones in a Tahitian oven
Marquesas OC.PALAGI Peʔaki (MQN), peʔani (MQS) Poisson docteur. Fish species (= Tahitian para`i) (Dln). Chirurgien pourpre à nageoires jaunes; Yellowfin Surgeonfish (Atl).
Samoan NP.PAATEE.1 Paatee A small wooden drum carried on the arm. Introduced from Tahiti Problematic
Marquesas MP.PIA.1 Pia. Piʔa (Lch). Piapia (MQN), piapia/u (Ua Huka), pia (MQS) (Atl). (Tacca pinnatifida). Amidon. Arrow-root tahitien (Atl).
Tahitian MP.PIA.1 Pia Plante, arrow-root tahitien (Tacca pinnatifida ou T.leontopetaloides); amidon, coller à l'amidon
Tahitian PN.POKI.1 Poʔi Etre couvert en parlant du four tahitien, être comblé en parlant d'un trou dans la terre
Samoan CE.POHE Pose To die (used jocularly). From Tahitian Borrowed
Tokelau SF.SE-TASI Hetahi Another, any other
Tahitian CP.SINA.2 Hina The name of the first woman, according to a Tahitian tradition, the wife of Ti, and by some said to be still in the moon; a species of small spider
Tahitian OC.SIWILI Vini Perruche de Tahiti (Vini peruviana); petits oiseaux de différentes espèces, importés à Tahiti, dont (Estrilda astrild)
Tahitian EP.SOATA.3 Hoata The name of a night of the Tahitian moon or month. Second night of the moon (Aud).
Easter Island NP.SOKO-.3A Hoko/tahi Alone, lonely, single, only, solitary
New Zealand Maori NP.SOKO-.3A Ko/tahi One
Penrhyn NP.SOKO-.3A Oko/tahi One, once, only Problematic
Moriori NP.TAFA-TAI Tatahi Sea-beach Phonologically Irregular
New Zealand Maori EO.TAFI Tahi Sweep
Nuguria EO.TAFI Tahi/tahi Sweep (vt); broom
Rennellese EO.TAFI Tahi/tahi Sweep, brush, broom
Tahitian EO.TAFI Tahi/tahi Epousseter. To brush by striking with the hand; to weed, to wipe off (Dvs).
Marquesas CE.TAAFIRI.* Tahiʔi (MQN), tafiʔi (MQS) Éventail. Eventer, faire jouer l'éventail, souffler le feu avec l'éventail ou autre objet (Dln)
Pukapuka CE.TAFITI.1 Tawiti Tahiti.
Rarotongan CE.TAFITI.1 Taʔiti Tahiti
Samoan CE.TAFITI.1 Tahiti Tahiti Problematic
Tahitian CE.TAFITI.1 Tahiti The name of the largest island in the Georgian groupe...
Tuamotu CE.TAFITI.1 Tahiti Remote place, Tahiti
Easter Island PN.TAFITO.A Tahito Base of a tree
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.TAFITO.A Tahito, tafito Base, bottom, lower part of the trunk of a tree, beginning
Sikaiana PN.TAFITO.A Tahito Base, origin, source, underlying cause