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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Anuta MP.SIKU.A Tiku/roa Cat ("long-tail") [archaic word, may be of TIK origin]
Penrhyn MP.MASA.1 Mai/masa Growth stage of coconut fruit (between *sakari* and *uto*); flesh still white and still contains some liquid
Pukapuka PN.TAU-TASA Tautai Single coconut hanging in a tree
Rarotongan CK.TIKAAI Tikaai, tika ai Really, definitely, certainly
Mangaia CK.TIKAAI Tikaai Very, really, certainly
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.LOTO.B Tai roto Lagoon
Penrhyn NP.TASI.1 A tai One
Penrhyn NP.TEE-IA.* Taie This
Penrhyn PN.KIKO.A Kiko hara Flesh of pandanus fruit, the kernel ontained in the hard part of a drupe
Rarotongan TA.MAA-KONA.2 Maakona Leader of a fishing party; captain of a *pua* disc-throwing team
Mangaia TA.MAA-KONA.2 Maakona Captain; instructor, director; successful fisherman
Tahitian TA.TII-TOKO Tiitoʔo Étai pour ouvrir et maintenir ouvert un auvent; ouvrir un auvent à l'aide d'un étai; border une voile; étendre le bras, la jambe
Tuvalu PN.FAI-TAHINA Faitaina Adoptive brother; cousin
Tuvalu PN.PUUPUU.3 Puupuu Kaleve [coconut juice] container made from shell of green nut fitted with string handles
Tuvalu PN.SOKO.5 Tai s/soko High tide
Tuvalu FJ.TEI.2 Tai Nearly, shortly, somewhat, almost
Tuvalu FJ.TEI.2 Tai Yet, nearly, almost
Tuvalu XW.SOSONI Ssoni Small container used to draw water from a well
Tuvalu PN.TA-QIA Taia To hit, beat
Tuvalu PN.MATE.1E Tai mate Smooth low tide