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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tokelau MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane
Tongan MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane
Tuamotu MP.AFAA Aafaa Break forth violently (as a storm) Problematic
West Futuna MP.AFAA Afa Gale, storm winds, hurricane winds
West Uvea MP.AFAA Afaa Tempête, cyclone
Waya MP.AFAA Cavaa A storm, a gale accompanied by rain
Niue PN.AFAGA Afaga Beach, landing area (place where fishermen land their canoes)
Pukapuka PN.QASA-GA.A Aayanga Name for the unbroken stretch of built-up reef on eastern (windward) side of atoll, stretching between motu (islets)
Pukapuka PN.AFAGA Awanga Open space used as a meeting place
Pukapuka PN.QASA-GA.A Aayanga Name for the whole barrier reef, considered as a reef
Tokelau PN.QASA-GA.A Aahaga Reef space between two islets on an atoll
Rennellese PN.AFAGA Ahanga Public place
Samoan PN.AFAGA Afaga Small portion of beach, as in a cove or small bay ; place where canoe is usually kept
Sikaiana PN.AFAGA Ahana Path in front of lineage houses where no houses were allowed to be built.
Takuu PN.AFAGA Afana Space between a house and the beach
Tikopia PN.AFAGA Afanga Access route, resting place.
Tongan PN.QASA-GA.A ʔAhanga Ford, reef or shallow place where one can wade across
East Uvea PN.QASA-GA.A Ahaga Passage de la mer où l’on peut guéer d’une terre à l’autre, isthme
Samoan PN.QASA-GA.A Aasaga Ford or fording place
West Uvea PN.AFAGA Afanga Courtyard in front of house, space between house and sea.
Hawaiian NP.QAFA-TEA ʔAhakea Trees (Bobea spp.); wood used for canoe rims
Nukuoro NP.QAFA-TEA Ahadea Driftwood sp. (white on the inside)
Luangiua NP.QAFA-TEA Ahakeea Big tree, hard wood, used for canoes
Tahitian NP.QAFA-TEA Ahatea Name of a tree used for keels of boats (Nauclea sp.)
Takuu NP.QAFA-TEA Afatea A tree that drifts to Takuu
Tikopia NP.QAFA-TEA Afatea Tree in hillside forest (Nauclea orientalis; Neonauclea forsteri)
East Futuna MP.QAFATO ʔAfato Larve qu'on mange (Hmn)
East Futuna MP.QAFATO Afato Gros ver de bois
Fijian MP.QAFATO Y/avato/ Grub in a tree, develops into the Coleopterus called qou
New Zealand Maori MP.QAFATO Aawhato, aawheto Large caterpillar, larva of (Sphinx convolvuli)
Rennellese MP.QAFATO Ahato Larva of longicorn beetle (Olethrus tyrranus)
Samoan MP.QAFATO ʔAfato Large edible grub, found in dry trees
Anuta MP.AFE.1A Paka/ape/ To bend something into hook shape
East Futuna MP.AFE.1A Afe Turn aside; deviate
East Uvea MP.AFE.1A Afe Deviate, turn aside
Kapingamarangi MP.AFE.1A Ahi Flee, escape Problematic
Emae MP.AFE.1A Faka/afe/ Deviate, turn aside v.i.
New Zealand Maori MP.AFE.1A Awhe-a Pass round, or behind v.i., v.t.; surround, beset; stir, disturb; a greenstone pendant with the end curved; scoop up, gather into a heap
New Zealand Maori MP.AFE.1A Hawhe = Awhe- [No examples given]
Moriori MP.AFE.1A Awhe Come around
Niue MP.AFE.1A A/afe To branch off, turn aside
Niue MP.AFE.1A Afe/afe Branch off repeatedly
Nukuoro MP.AFE.1A Ahe Return, go back (singular)
Luangiua MP.AFE.1A Ha/ahe Send back
Penrhyn MP.AFE.1A P/ahe/ To deviate, detour, turn
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.RAA A/la Postnuclear qualifier, usually indicating uncertainty, or softening of the preceding word; if Problematic
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.QARO-FI Alohi/manava Womb; deepest feeling, whole heart, heart
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.QAFA.3 Afe/a To guide ; break a path through, clear the way through, open
Rennellese MP.AFE.1A Pahe To come or go, of gods
Samoan MP.AFE.1A Afe Turn aside; lift, turn over (as mat)