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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FAQA-SI Hai, fai Locality, place, to a place, at a place; half (part), one of two sides, side
Tuamotu MP.FATU.1A Fatu Weave, interlace, make a wreath; do up the hair, commence plaiting
Tikopia PN.FATU-QARIKI Faturiki Frizzy, woolly. Rauuru faturiki, frizzly hair (e.g. of Melanesians) Problematic
Nuguria PN.FAQU.2 Fau Necklace (of woman's hair)
Samoan PN.FAQU.2 Fau String for tying up hair
Tikopia PN.FAQU.2 Fau Garland for head. Plait of hair (worn by women) (Drd).
Rotuman OC.FE- Hai- Reciprocal prefix
Anuta EO.FELO.1 Pe/pero Light-coloured hair. Lightish brown (used to describe the color of hair which has just started to be bleached with lime) (Fbg).
East Uvea PN.FETE.1 Fete/fete Avoir la chair de poule; raboteux, couver de boutons
East Futuna PN.FETE.1 Fete/fete Roboteux, boutonné; tomber en chair de poule, soit par frayeur, soit par surprise
Luangiua CP.FIA- Hii/hai Want
Vaeakau-Taumako CP.FIA- Ve/khai Hungry (pl)
Penrhyn NP.FIFI.2A Hihi Chain
Tahitian NP.FIFI.2A Fifi Compliqué, embrouillé, difficile, dangereux; chaîne. Entangled, enslaved, intricate; to be involved in difficulties; a chain (Dvs).
Penrhyn MP.FIRI.1 Hiri Braid the hair; plait, twist
Tikopia MP.FIRI.1 Fi/firi/ Necklet, plait (hair only)
Tongan MP.FIRI.1 Fii Twist or plait two or more threads together; plait hair, a pigtail
Samoan PN.FISO-QA Fiisoa Liane (Colubrina sp.) . Soap bush (Colubrina asiatica)...leaves formerly used as soap for washing the hair .
Rennellese CO.FITI-FITI-KIA Hitihitikia Begin to get grey hair
Tikopia CO.FITI-FITI-KIA Fitifitikia To have developed pubic hair
Tongan MP.FULU.1 Fulu Hair on the privates
Tongan TO.LIOGI Liongi To go into mourning (esp. for neice or nephew) by complete neglect of one's hair and then cutting it very short
Pukapuka CP.FUQAGA Wuanga Archaic word associated with sharpening
Nukumanu SO.FUA-QI-TINO Haitino Body
Nuguria SO.FUA-QI-TINO Huaitino (older), haitino (newer) Body
Pukapuka PN.FUHI.B Wui All, assembled, united (of chiefs, men etc) archaic use, now "wii" all
East Uvea AN.FUKA.1 Fuka/fuka Trim hair slightly (I)
New Zealand Maori AN.FUKA.1 Huka/huka Lock of hair
Samoan AN.FUKA.1 Fuʔa Cut the hair
Samoan AN.FUKA.1 Fua/fuati Lock of hair
Tongan AN.FUKA.1 Fuko/fuka/ Cut hair
Anuta MP.FULU.1 Puru Body-hair; feathers
Fijian MP.FULU.1 Vulu/a Pubic hair
Hawaiian MP.FULU.1 Hulu Hair, feather
Kapingamarangi MP.FULU.1 Hulu Hair
Emae MP.FULU.1 Furu Hair of body
Ifira-Mele MP.FULU.1 Furu Body-hair
Mangareva MP.FULU.1 ʔUru Body-hair. Poil; avoir beaucoup de feuilles (arbre) (Rch).
Nggela MP.FULU.1 Vu/vulu Head hair
Niue MP.FULU.1 Fulu Hair, feathers
Nukuoro MP.FULU.1 Hulu Hair (on body)
Luangiua MP.FULU.1 Hulu Hair, feather; spinner/lure for fishing
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.FULU.1 Hulu Feather; hair on body
Rarotongan MP.FULU.1 ʔUru Hair (of animals and body-hair of humans), fur, feathers, fleece
Rennellese MP.FULU.1 Hugu Body-hair, feathers
Sa'a MP.FULU.1 Hulu Be hairy
Samoan MP.FULU.1 Fulu Hair, feather
Takuu MP.FULU.1 Furu Body hair; feather, feather lure
Tikopia MP.FULU.1 Furu Hair, feathers
Tuamotu MP.FULU.1 Huru Hair, feather