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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Hawaiian EP.AA-NUANUA.* Aanuenue Rainbow
New Zealand Maori EP.AA-NUANUA.* Aaniwaniwa Rainbow, halo Phonologically Irregular
Moriori EP.AA-NUANUA.* Aniniwa Rainbow Phonologically Irregular
Mangareva EP.AA-NUANUA.* Anuanua Rainbow. Arc-en-ciel; brouillard à l'horizon (Rch).
Nukuoro EP.AA-NUANUA.* Anuanua Rainbow Problematic
Penrhyn EP.AA-NUANUA.* Aanuanua Rainbow
Rarotongan EP.AA-NUANUA.* Aanuanua Rainbow
Tahitian EP.AA-NUANUA.* Aanuanua Rainbow
Tuamotu EP.AA-NUANUA.* Anuanua Rainbow
Tahitian TA.ARUHE Anuhe Fougère (Dicranopteris linearis). The common fern in the mountains (Dvs).
Tuamotu TA.ARUHE Anuhe Mountain fern variety
Marquesas CP.AO.1 Ao Ramasser soit avec la main, soit avec un filet au bout d'une perche
Rennellese CP.AO.1 Ao Tie or bind tightly (as hair); be close together (as coconut palms); be narrow Problematic
West Uvea CP.AO.1 Ao(fia) Ramasser en une poignée, dans le creux de la main ou dans les deux mains jointes
Penrhyn NP.AO.2 Aao/a Undergrown and malformed coconut fruit that has no inner shell and contains neither flesh nor water Problematic
Rennellese PN.AO.3 Ao Tie or bind tightly, as hair
Takuu PN.AO.3 Ao Wind around (in tying certain type of knot); grasp in an embrace
Easter Island NP.QAO.2 ʔAo Authority, kingdom, domain. To rule, govern (Wbr).
Pukapuka NP.QAO.2 Ao Authority, domain e.g. Ao-laa-koo :abode of gods; ao kee (from old chants)
Pukapuka NP.QAO.3 Kaae mea e /ao/ ai There is nothing to be done about it
Tahitian CE.AOA ʔAoa Aboiement; aboyer [glottal unexplained]
New Zealand Maori CE.AO-RAGI Ao-rangi Mountain (highest) in New Zealand
Tahitian CE.AO-RAGI Aoraʔi Palais; nom d' une montagne à Tahiti
Tikopia PN.QAPA Apa Raise person in arms or on lap as a sign of great respect or for protection from danger or defilement
East Futuna FJ.APAI.1 Apai Purlins
East Uvea FJ.APAI.1 Apai Perche mise en traverse d'une toiture pour relier ensemble les chevrons; porter, soutenir du plat de la main
Fijian FJ.APAI.1 I yapai Purlins (Thompson 1940)
New Zealand Maori FJ.APAI.1 Apai Front wall of a house Problematic
Manihiki-Rakahanga FJ.APAI.1 Hapai Longitudinal beams Phonologically Irregular
Tongan FJ.APAI.1 Apai Certain parts of roof timbers of a Tongan house. They run lengthwise and the rafters are bound to them
West Uvea FJ.APAI.1 Apa/apa Coin arrière de la maison Problematic
Anuta SO.APAI.2 Aapai To carry a large load, such as a bundle of firewood, in one's arms.
East Futuna SO.APAI.2 Apa/apai Etendre la main pour recevoir quelque chose; tenir horizontalement avec les deux mains un baton etc Etre tenu horizontalement à bras tendus (bébé) (Mfr).
East Uvea SO.APAI.2 Apai Porter; soutenir du plat de la main
Nukuoro SO.APAI.2 Aba/abai Carry a canoe in shallow water; carry half-lifting
Tikopia SO.APAI.2 Aapai Raise person in arms or on lap -- as a sign of great respect or for protection from danger or defilement
Mangareva TA.APARAGI Aparagi Etre très maigre, desséché Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian TA.APARAGI Aparai Clear, cloudless, of sky
East Uvea PN.QAPI.1 ʔApi Maison, propriété, plantation, terre, terrain...le terrain appartenant à une famille, sur lequel se trouvent la maison et les dépendances
Rotuman PN.APO Apo To raise club or fist as if about to strike Problematic
Tikopia PN.APO Apo Raise hand (gen.); raise hand in threat, or to strike down
Tongan PN.APO Apo/apo Take aim, especially in the game lafo
East Futuna PN.QAA-POO Aapoo La nuit prochaine (locatif)
Tongan PN.QAA-POO ʔApoo Tonight (said during the day)
East Futuna PN.QAA-POGIPOGI Apogipogi Demain (locatif); le lendemain
East Uvea PN.QAA-POGIPOGI ʔApogipogi ʔuhu Demain matin
Mangareva EP.AA-POOPOO Apoopoo Demain
Tuamotu CE.APU.B Apu To completely enclose, seize in a cavity, as when a large fish seizes a smaller one in the mouth; to take the bait, as fish; to gobble, as a piece of food...
East Uvea AN.ASA.1 Aha/aha Tailler un bois pour en diminuer grosseur
Rennellese AN.ASA.1 Haka/asa To clear, as a trail Problematic