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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tokelau SO.PAPO Papo Maori wrasse (Cheilinus fasciatus)
Fijian FJ.PAU.3 Bau Tree with edible fruit and beautiful red-brown wood used to make canoes, boxes; (Sapotaceae sp.); also (Pittosporum brackenridgei)
Waya FJ.PAU.3 Bau A tree, prob. (Sapotaceae sp.)
West Uvea OC.POO.2 Popoo, pookia Battre/frapper des mains, (danses) taper dans les mains; laisser une trace/empreinte; imprimer; (insectes) claquer; (eau) clapoter
West Uvea OC.POO.2 Po/poo/kia Tapoter le dos d'un enfant pour l'endormir
Tokelau PN.POGA-POGA Pogapoga Pick fruits one by one Uncertain Semantic Connection
East Futuna PN.POGA-POGA Pogapoga Bananas which are small or stunted
East Uvea PN.POGA-POGA Pogapoga Maladie des fruits
Rennellese PN.POGA-POGA Pongaponga Rough, as skin
Samoan PN.POGA-POGA Pogapoga Kind of worm (in bananas)
Tikopia PN.POGA-POGA Pongaponga Full of holes, of cloth, thatch
Tuamotu PN.POGA-POGA Poŋapoŋa Dents, pitmarks
Tuamotu PN.PAKIA.1 Pakiia Tapped, slapped, rapped, pounded, struck; hit, touched (as by a weapon)
Tongan PN.PORO-QAKI Poaki Apologize for absence, ask leave or permission
New Zealand Maori CE.PONO.2 Whakapono-hia Believe; christianity
Mangareva CE.PONO.2 ʔApono Correct procedure, correctness (I) ? Problematic
East Futuna AN.POO-POO.A Poopoo Pat, pat something on to something as medicine on a wound (Bgs); tapoter un enfant pour l'endormir
Samoan PN.POTU.1 Potu The siapo screen from behind which an aitu spoke; the white border of siapo; a room (introduced from Tongan)
Samoan MP.PUSA.2 Pusa To send up a smoke (applied also to spray, dust and vapour)
Tokelau MP.PUSA.2 Puha Rise (of vapour, smoke)
Fijian AN.SALATO Salato (Laportea harveyi) Urticaceae (nettle plant)
Takuu AN.SALATO Sarato Plant sp. (Laportea sp.) with broad, stinging leaves
Tahitian MP.SAPAI Hapoi, hopoi To carry or convey (a burden) Phonologically Irregular
East Futuna AN.SAPO Sapo Take in the hand, catch
East Uvea AN.SAPO Hapo Catch a thrown object in the hands
Niue AN.SAPO Hapo To catch. To catch a thing thrown (Tgr).
Pukapuka AN.SAPO Apo Lift up with hands Problematic
Rotuman AN.SAPO Sapo Take hold of
Sa'a AN.SAPO Tapo Grab, catch hold of, seize, lay hands on
Samoan AN.SAPO Sapo To catch anything thrown, as breadfruits in a basket when being picked; as a dog with his mouth; as in a hand-net, the fishes jumping from the large net; to catch up a word, in order to answer it
Tikopia AN.SAPO Sapo Grab
Tongan AN.SAPO Hapo Take in the hand
East Futuna PN.SAPOTU Sapotu Pant
East Uvea PN.SAPOTU Hapotu Etre haletant; avoir la respiration precipite
Rennellese PN.SAPOTU Sapotu Sink partially, fall in prestige and authority Problematic
Samoan PN.SAPOTU Sapotu/vale Palpitate ; pant
Tongan PN.SAPOTU Hapotu Pant
Rarotongan MP.SAU.1 ʔAu Sweat, vapour, steam, condensation Problematic
Tahitian NP.SAWAIKI Havaiʔi An old name for Porapora
Marquesas AN.TAPI.1A Tapi (haʔapoʔotu) (MQS) Orner, adorn; se faire belle Uncertain Semantic Connection
East Futuna PN.SIAPO Siapo Bark-cloth
East Uvea PN.SIAPO Hiapo Arbuste dont l'écorce sert à produire le gatu (Broussonetia papyrifera)
Emae PN.SIAPO Siapo Tree sp.
Marquesas PN.SIAPO Hiapo Jeune branche ou racine du figuier des banians dont l'écorce sert à fabriquer l'étoffe tapa
Mangareva PN.SIAPO ʔIapo Nom d'une plante. The name of a plant now extinct (Tgr).
Niue PN.SIAPO Hiapo Paper-mulberry plant, bark-cloth garment
Pukapuka PN.SIAPO Yiapo Foreign product recorded in chants
Rennellese PN.SIAPO Siapo Small tapa as belonging to Sikingimoemoe and to Guatupu`a and her brother
Samoan PN.SIAPO Siapo Bark-cloth from paper-mulberry
Takuu PN.SIAPO Siapo Tapa, bark cloth; cotton laplap