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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Manihiki-Rakahanga NP.MUU.3 Maa/muu Silent (introduced from Tahitian) Borrowed
Nukumanu EO.TAFI T/tahi Shake off, brush off
Nukumanu NP.TASI.1 Tahi Continually (post-verbal)
Nukumanu NP.GA-TASI Haka/natahi Equally
Tokelau NP.TE-TASI Teetahi Singular article: the other, a certain one
Tuamotu PN.TIALE Tiare Tahiti (Gardenia taitensis)
Rapa EP.MATA-SIAPO Matahiapo Eldest (son)
Niuatoputapu MP.TAHI.1 Tahi Salt water; shallow salt water lagoon
Tahitian NP.TAATAI.1 Tatai The covering or matting with which the ends of rafters in a Tahitian house are covered Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana NP.SOKO-.3A Hoko tahi One (of a quantity, when reporting numbers)
Sikaiana EO.TAFI Tahi To cut hair all over the head
New Zealand Maori EP.E-TASI Eetahi Determiner: some, others - often followed by a noun but can stand without one
New Zealand Maori EP.E-TASI Eetahi atu Determiner: some others, et cetera, etc.
Easter Island EP.E-TASI Etahi ~ etahi/etahi Each one, every single one. Indefinite article, adj. one. Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuamotu NP.TE-TASI Te tahi Loc. One, another; a certain person. Other
Tuamotu EP.E-TASI E tahi Loc. Some, others; the rest
Tokelau EP.E-TASI Nieetahi Plural indefinite article. Some others
Tokelau EP.E-TASI Ieetahi Plural article. The other, some other, some
Tuamotu CE.KAA-TASI Kaa tahi Loc. Now, just now, for the first time
Marquesas EP.KA-.1 ʔA Devant les noms de nombre: 'a tahi, 'a 'ua
New Zealand Maori CE.KAA-TASI Kaatahi anoo... ka... Particle: then, only just, now for the first time, finally
New Zealand Maori CE.KAA-TASI Kaatahi tonu... ka... Only just
Ra'ivavae OC.IFI.2 Ihi (Obs) The Tahitian chestnut tree and its fruit (Inocarpus edulis)
Hawaiian PN.SUMU.3 Humu The star Altair, in Aquila, said to have been used for navigation from Hawai'i to Tahiti
Tongan PN.SOKO.5 Hoco. Tahi hoco. To flow. High water.
Niue PN.SOKO.5 Tahi hoko/hoko Beginning of high tide
Niue PN.SOKO.5 Tahi hoko/lahi High tide
Tongan MP.MASA.1 Tahi-mamaha Ebb tide
Tongan MP.TAHI.1 Tahi The sea, sea-water
Tongan PN.SOKO.5 Tahi-hoco High tide
Tongan PN.TAQAHINE Tahine A virgin, a young girl; also a term of respect to female nobles
Sikaiana PN.MATA-TILI Matahili To be hard inside, of a green coconut (5th stage
Marquesas CE.KAA-TASI A tahi nei Maintenant, présentement
Marquesas NP.FAKA-TASI Haʔatahi, hakatahi (Ua Pou) Unir, joindre, ne faire qu'un, tous ensemble
Marquesas PN.PITO.2 Tahi/pito (MQN), tahi/piʔo (MQS) Les autres, autrui, les uns, les autres, le prochain
Marquesas PN.TAA-FITI.A Tahiti (MQN) Exagérer, dépasser la mesure
Marquesas NP.TE-TASI Titahi. Tiitahi (Mtu). Tetahi (MQS) (1ŋ04). Un autre, une autre; l'un, l'autre, les uns, les autres. A certain, other (Mtu).
Tahitian AN.FUFU.2 Para/huhu To draw a thing between the thumb and finger, as the Tahitians do in emptying the intestines of pigs
Marquesas NP.FAKA-TASI (Haka)katahi (MQN), haʔatahi (MQS) Réunir (pour ne faire qu'un); unite
Tahitian EP.MAMAIA Mamaiâ A party formed some time ago at Tahiti...who professed to improve upon the received Religion, and to be given to extraordinary prayer; they discarded some of the essentials of Christianity, and were immoral in their conduct
Tokelau PN.TAU-TASA Tautahi (of a person) Be alone, be all by oneself, be solitary
New Zealand Maori PN.TAU-TASA Tautahi Odd one; single child (i.e. one at a birth); (sometimes) only child...
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.TAU-TASA Tautahi Coconut that grows singly on one flower stalk
Manihiki-Rakahanga CE.KAA-TASI Ka tahi nei For the first time
Penrhyn NP.TE-TASI Tetahi Something
Easter Island PN.POO.1B Poo Parece que antiguamente significaba también un día entero...po tahi, un día...
Tahitian PN.SEKE.1A Hee To be swimming in the surf, a Tahitian diversion
Marquesas EP.PORO.2 Attahi po te One root of te
Marquesas MQ.TO-TASI Totahi Davantage, encore un peu, un peu plus, bis
East Uvea NP.FAKA-TASI Fakatahi Réunion, assemblée; réunir, se rassembler; ensemble, d'une seule fois