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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Nukuoro AN.IKU.1 Iku A tail
Samoan AN.IKU.1 Iʔu End, tail of fish
Niue MP.QILA Ila Birthmark; stain, mark; to be spotted
Samoan PN.QILAAMUTU Ilamutu The relationship sustained by the children of a sister to the children of her brother, after the brother and sister are dead. An institutional relationship term for a female having particular control over her brothers' sons (Macpherson).
East Futuna AN.IRI.A Ili Éventail
East Uvea AN.IRI.A Ili Éventail
Nukuoro PN.QINAFO Inaho School consisting of a certain reef fish sp
Tokelau PN.IO.2 Io Fillets of certain fish cut longitudinally
Easter Island AN.IPU Ipu Gourd, container for liquid
East Futuna AN.IPU Ipu Cup or other cup-shaped container for liquid
East Uvea AN.IPU Ipu Container for liquid
Mangareva AN.IPU Ipu Container; calabash. Gourde, calebasse; vase.
Tikopia AN.IPU Ipu Container for liquid
Samoan MP.LAFA-LAFA Lafalafa Flat; the level top of a mountain
Moriori CE.RAGATIRA Rangatira Captain of canoe
Marquesas CE.RAGATIRA ʔAkatiʔa (MQN), ʔanatiʔa (MQS) Chef, maître, propriétaire
Mangareva CE.RAGATIRA Ragatira Landed proprietor. Maître, seigneur, grand propriétaire; tenancier, cultivateur qui dépend d'un chef; capitaine d'un navire
Penrhyn CE.RAGATIRA Rangatira Leader, chief, captain
Waya PN.LAKA.2 Drakwa Decay, rot; be infected, containing mucous or pus Uncertain Semantic Connection
Mangareva CE.RAKO Rako Faire blanchir de l'étoffe au soleil; être tacheté, moucheté, tiqueté. To bleach cloth or stuff in the sun; of different tints; spotted, speckled, mottled; with a white face and a black tail (Tgr).
Penrhyn TA.RAKOA.1 Rakoa White-tailed tropic bird (Phaeton lepturus)
Rarotongan TA.RAKOA.1 Raakoa White-tailed Tropic Bird (Phaethon lepturus)
Pukapuka NP.LALI.2 Lali Stain ; get dirty
Rarotongan NP.LALI.2 Rari Splashed, spattered, drenched, stained
Tahitian AN.LAU.1A Rau Feuille, ne s'emploie que pour certaines plantes à grandes feuilles
Mangareva PN.RAU.2 Rau Hundred. Cent (comptait 200 à l'ère pré-chrétienne).
Rarotongan CE.RAUKA Rauka Got, obtained, come into the possession of, receive
Tahitian CE.RAUKA Naua To get or obtain Phonologically Irregular
Hawaiian PN.LAULAU Laulau Wrapping, wrapped package; packages of ti leaves or banana leaves containing pork, beef, salted fish etc.; to wrap or carry in such bundles
Penrhyn PN.LAULAU Raurau Rough basket made of coconut frond for carrying and/or containing foods
Takuu PN.LAULAU Raurau Basket containing enough cooked food for one or two people
Tongan PN.LAWA.1C Lava/ʔi Accomplish, achieve, attain; overcome, vanquish; win over
Tongan EO.LAWA.1A Lava Carry to completion, arrive; achieve, attain, accomplish
Rarotongan NP.LAWA.1B Rawa Post-verbal particle. Certainly, definitely, wholly, quite, perfectly, completely
East Futuna NP.LAAWAKI Laavaki Abandonne, solitaire
Tongan MP.LAWE.1 Lave Long tail-feather
Rarotongan PN.LAWE.2B Rave Take, lay hold of; do, perform, act in a certain way; take place (of event)
Samoan PN.LAWE.2B Lave/ia Be attained, achieved
Tikopia PN.REGA-REGA Rengarenga Stained with turmeric; orange, vermilion and other reddish hues
Mangareva CE.REIRA Reira Là (se dit d'un lieu déterminé). There (said of some certain place) (Tgr).
Moriori NP.LEKA.1 Iao/reka Entertainment
New Zealand Maori NP.LEKE.2 Reke Knob, poll of an adze, tongue end of a taiaha; pin used to fasten hair in a top-knot; fish-hook
New Zealand Maori CE.REMU.1 Remu Buttocks; tail feathers of certain birds
Niue OC.LEPA.2 Lepa/lepa Flooded, stained
Tikopia CP.LEWA.2 Reva Tree that grows only on the mountain. Not seen by most modern Tikopia
Niue PN.LI-AKI Liaki To swing so as to throw something. To pretend to throw something while retaining it in the hand (McE).
Sikaiana CP.LIALIA Haka/lialia To be revolted by something, to be disgusted by something, especially certain foods or filth.
East Uvea AN.RIKI Li(ki)liki Petit, mince, exigu, de courte taille
Takuu MP.LIMU Rimu Generic term for certain types of seaweeds that grow singly or in clumps but do not send out runners
New Zealand Maori PN.LIKO.1 Paa/riko/riko Somewhat dark, stained