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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Easter Island PN.ATI.2 Atiati Wait for (Chl). Not in (Fts)
East Uvea PN.ATI.2 Asiasi Aller en éclaireur Problematic
Mangareva PN.ATI.2 A/ati Wait for. Espérer, attendre un peu
Rennellese PN.QATI.4 ʔAtiahi Faggot, as for carrying fire when matches are not available
Tuamotu NP.AATI Aati A knot in a braid of hair Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan ST.ATIGI.* Atigi Empty vessel, shell, container
Tokelau ST.ATIGI.* Atigi- Prefix denoting that a container is empty
Marquesas NP.QULA-QULA Uʔauʔa tai Langouste
Niue AN.QATO Ato To cover (mainly refers to covering a shelter with leaves, or to cover an area of land with leaves , usually for the purpose of a burn-off). To thatch (McE).
Tahitian AN.QATO Ato Couvrir une maison en pandanus ou en palme de cocotier
New Zealand Maori OC.QATU.1 Atu/tai A fish
Tahitian MP.QATULE Ature Poisson de la famille des Carangidae (Selar crumenophthalmus) quand sa taille est la petite...
Vaeakau-Taumako AN.AU Ai/au I
East Futuna MP.QAUA.1 Aua Poissons: "mulet carrelé" (Chelon vaigiensis); "mulet" (petit) (Crenimugil crenilabis)
Tahitian MP.QAUA.1 Aua (Valamugil engeli) of intermediate size. Poisson de la famille des Mugilidae (Crenimugil crenilabis), quand il est de taille intermédiaire entre ' oorie et tehu (Lmt)
Hawaiian PN.QAUEE Au(w)ee Oh! Oh dear! Oh boy! Alas! Too bad! Goodness! (Much used to express wonder, fear, scorn, pity, affection)...To groan, moan, grieve, bewail
Tahitian PN.QAUEE Auee Pleurer, se lamenter; exclamation exprimant la peine, la douleur ou le plaisir
Tuamotu PN.QAUEE Aue Bewail, lament
West Futuna PN.QAUEE Aue Interjection of delight, surprise or pain
East Futuna NP.QAU-KAI ʔAukai Jeune, jeuner
Rennellese NP.QAU-KAI ʔAukai Glutton, be a glutton
Tongan NP.QAU-KAI ʔAukai Go without food, fast
East Futuna PN.QAU-MAI ʔAumai Apporter, remettre; donne-moi
East Uvea PN.QAU-MAI ʔAumai Apporter
Nuguria PN.QAU-MAI Au-mai Come hither
Nuguria PN.QAU-MAI K/aumai Bring
Luangiua PN.QAU-MAI Aumai Bring
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.QAU-MAI Aumai Give, bring
Pukapuka PN.QAU-MAI Aumai Bring
Rennellese PN.QAU-MAI ʔAu mai Give (to the speaker)
Tikopia PN.QAU-MAI Au mai Bring
Tongan PN.QAU-MAI ʔOmai, ʔomi Bring give or send or lend (to me or us)
Marquesas CE.AUTA Auta Air, soufflé, vapeur, gaz Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas CE.AUTE Ute Papyrus, murier a papier et dont on fait des etoffes
Tahitian CE.AUTE ʔAute Broussonetia papyrifera dont on faisait un 'tapa' brun
Luangiua MP.AWA Ava Entrance through reef. Strait (passage between two islands), if covered at low tide
Luangiua MP.AWA Ava/va Strait (passage between two islands), if covered at high tide only
West Uvea MP.AWA Fai/ava/ Pass in reef
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.AVA Aoa Pair (prenuclear quantifier) Problematic
Pukapuka SO.AVA Awaa- Prefix to noun for pairs of objects (coconuts, taro, birds) Phonologically Irregular
East Futuna MP.QAWA ʔAva Fish like mullet but bigger. "Poisson lait" (Chanos chanos) (Mfr).
Pukapuka XW.QAAWAGA.B Waka/aavanga The lover's act of copulating with his deceased beloved's body while it is laid out for the funeral wake
Niue XW.QAAWAGA.B Avanga Irregular liaison (from Samoan). Sexual connection (Tgr). Borrowed
East Uvea PN.QAWE-HIFO ʔAvaifo Enterrer un mort, porter en bas, inhumer, ensevelir
New Zealand Maori PN.AWE.A Awe White hair from dog tail, hair from about fontanelles; soot; cloud
Mangareva PN.AWE.A Ave Raie, ligne, fils de plante servant a faire des ficelles, des cordes
Pukapuka PN.AWE.A Ave Subspecies of yellowfin tuna with very long fins almost reaching tail
Tokelau PN.AWE.A Ave Tail end (of a fish) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuamotu PN.AWE.A Ave The tail of a kite; a feeler of a certain variety of jellyfish; long hairs, as on a dog's tail; long streamers of cloud...
Easter Island EP.AWE.B Ave Tail of comet