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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
New Zealand Maori NP.MA-KAWE Makawe Hair, ringlet
Marquesas NP.MA-KAWE Ea ma ca vee, O wochʔo Lock of hair
Pukapuka NP.MA-KAWE Maakave/kave Pretty (of hair), standing straight out in clusters
Pukapuka NP.MA-KAWE Makave Lock of hair ; tentacle of octopus
Samoan NP.MA-KAWE Maʔave Good head of hair
Nuguria PN.MA-KEKE Hai/make Healthy
Tahitian PN.MA-KENU Maenu/enu Disordered, confused, dishevelled as the human hair, or palmeto thatch; to be sick at the stomach, to be disordered in mind on account of something disagreeable
Tahitian PN.MAKULU Mauru To be shedding, or falling, as the hair
West Futuna SO.MAA-LALI Marari Smooth, hairless. Lisse; imberbe (Rve).
Tokelau NP.MA-LILI.1 Malili Fall off, drop off (of hair, leaves etc.)
Samoan PN.MA-SUNU Masunu Singe (as the hairs of a pig)
Emae PN.MA-TIKE Matike (Hair) stand on end
Nuguria PN.PALE-PALE Pare-pare Chair
Marquesas TT.MOKO-PIRO Moʔopio (MQS) Fougère odoriférante qui entre dans la composition du kumu hai Problematic
Tahitian PN.MAA-UNU Maunu Bare, without leaves, hair, feathers, &c.; to be peeled, made bare
Rarotongan PN.MA-WAHE Maavae Quick irregular motion; streaming about as of the hair being blown about by the wind; fluttering, as a flag at the masthead; quiver, tremble, shake (Mka)
East Futuna PN.MA-WETE Mavete Be separated (as a leaf from its stalk), loosened, untied (as hair) ; se disperser, être dispersé, s'effondrer
Samoan PN.MA-WEU.* Maveʔu Disarranged, in disorder (of hair) . in confusion, unsettled Phonologically Irregular
East Futuna SO.TAKALE Taakale (Alo), taʔakale (Sigave) Jeune coco à peine formé, sans chair et peu de jus
East Futuna PN.MIGI Migi/migi Frizzy (of hair)
New Zealand Maori PN.MIGI Mingi Curly, twisted (of hair, grain in timber etc.)
Pukapuka PN.MIGI Mingi/mingi Frizzy (hair), curly, wrinkle (skin)
Tahitian TA.MIRA Mira To dress the head or hair with gum and oil; to put pitch or gum on the ends of the Tahitian arrows
Kapingamarangi PN.MILI M/mili To scrub; to caress; to bathe (archaic)
Easter Island EO.MILO.1 Miro Board, rod, stake, stick; tree; timber, wood; club, staff. Ship (archaic) (Wbr).
East Futuna CP.MOKO.2 Moko/i Aimer, affectioner, vouloir, desirer, souhaiter
East Futuna CP.MOKO.2 Moko/moko Souhaiter, porter envie, desirer
New Zealand Maori ??.MOKO-FULUFULU Moko-huruhuru "Hairy grub", the form assumed by Maaui when he attempted to enter the body of Hine-nui-i-te-poo
Luangiua PN.MOKOPUNA Hai/mopuŋa FM, MM, grandchildren, MZ son, Husb M, MZ daughter (+hi9e), MB daughter
East Futuna PN.MOLE.2 Mo(le)/mole Smooth, without hair
East Uvea PN.MOLE.2 Mole/mole Smooth, without hair
Takuu PN.MOLE.2 M/more Smooth, even; hairless or with a short and even hairstyle
Tongan AN.MOLI.1 Moli uku Citron (used in washing the hair)
Fijian FJ.MOLI.2 Modri Lacking hair on face or pubes
West Uvea MP.MOO-MONA Mumuna (Viande de roussette ou chair de poisson) graisseux Phonologically Irregular
East Uvea PN.NA.3 Na Particule de temps; forme archaique, aujourd'hui remplacée par ne'e
Anuta XW.NAWU Namu To bleach one's hair by the application of a suspension of lime (calcium hydroxide) in salt water Problematic
Samoan XW.NAWU Navu Cover hair with lime
Tikopia XW.NAWU Namu Bleach with lime, especially hair of the head Problematic
Tongan XW.NAWU Navu Cover hair with lime
Penrhyn EP.NINI.1 Nini Whirl of hair on the head Uncertain Semantic Connection
Nuguria CP.NOQA No/ti Men’s hair-dress
Niue PN.NOFO-A Nofoa Seat,chair
Samoan PN.NOFO-A Nofoa Seat, chair
Tokelau PN.NOFO-A Nofoa Chair, seat, stool, etc
Anuta FJ.NUKU.1 Nuku Island (archaic)
Mangareva MP.PAA.1 Paa Fence. Haie, clôture; les ailes d'une seine; chambre; rangs d'hommes mis en lignes
Mangareva CE.PAGO.1 Pagu Black (of hair, skin). Noir. Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan PN.PAQIKEA Paikea Crab sp. with hairy feet (Etn)
Niue MP.PAKU.D Paku Unkempt, scaly (skin, hair, etc)