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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Rarotongan EP.RIRO Riro Pass into the possession of, be obtained, got, acquired; come about, happen
Tuamotu TA.RITO.B Rito Oil expressed from coconut; liquid containing starch in solution from the arrowroot; sap of plants; fine white powdered starch derived from arrowroot
Waya FJ.ROO.1 Droo Reach, attain
Marquesas OC.LOA.1 ʔOa (MQN), koa (MQS) Haut de taille; long, grand, élevé; loin. Long, haut; loin, éloigné; longtemps; durée, intervalle de temps (Lch).(Temps) long; long (time) (Atl).
Hawaiian CE.ROAKA Loaʔa Find, get, obtain etc. This extremely common word is the model for loa`a stative verbs
Tuamotu CE.ROAKA Rooaka To be obtained, procured, gained etc
Rarotongan PN.LOHOLOHO Rooroo Unopened sheath of the coconut palm which contains the flowering and fruiting elements; the spathe of coconut palm ; the sheath enclosing the spadix of coconut palm
Rarotongan CE.RORO.2 Rooroo Long-mouthed wrasse, a fish whose shape resembles the coconut spathe; cream-coloured with green tip to tail; edible
Tongan PN.LOLOGA Lolonga (Certain length of) a long fishing net
Samoan FJ.LOLO-QI.A Loloi Cook certain foods in coconut cream
Vaeakau-Taumako NP.LOMA.1 Tai loma High tide or water
Tahitian TA.ROTU.1 Rotu An expression used in a certain idolatrous prayer
Tuamotu FJ.LOTU.2 Rotu Beat on sea with a stick as in certain kinds of fishing
New Zealand Maori CE.RUAHINE Ru(w)ahine Old woman; woman employed in certain ceremonies for removing tapu
Tongan FJ.LUFA Lufolufa Sinnet plaited in certain way Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan PN.MAA.2 Maa Plantains or bananas preserved by fermentation
Tahitian PN.MAE.1B Mae/mae Soft, ripe, as plantains or other fruit; over ripe as fruit; tending to dissolution, as flesh or fish. Avarié (poisson) (Lmt).
New Zealand Maori EO.MAFUIKE Mahuika Deity from whom fire was obtained by Maaui-tikitiki
Samoan EO.MAFUIKE Mafuiʔe Earthquake ; deity from whom fire was obtained by Ti`iti`i (Turner 1888:210)
Anuta PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Mangamangaatai Starfish with very fine, delicate, tentacles
East Futuna PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Magamagaʔitai Starfish on reef, including Brittle Stars. Etoile de mer (Mfr).
Emae PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Magamaga tai Starfish
Mangaia PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Maʔamaʔatai Big Blue Starfish (Linckia laevigata) and others
Rennellese PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Mangamangaatai General name for starfishes (Asteroidea)
Tahitian PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Maʔamaʔatai Ophiure (échinoderme) (Ophiocoma scolopendrina)
Tongan PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Mangamangaʔaatai Kind of starfish
Tuamotu PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Mangamangatai Starfish
New Zealand Maori TA.MAHOI Tini o te /mahoi/hoi Certain forest-dwelling creatures, apparently mythical, of the distant past (Best 1982:55)
Tuamotu OC.MAHU.A Mau Abundance (?), a sustainer
Sikaiana OC.MALAQE Malae [Name of] a ceremonial center near the ritual house {hale aitu}, no longer maintained; an area in front of a house that is set off with stone work
New Zealand Maori EP.MAQITAKI Maitai Beautiful, good, agreeable; iron (obs.) Phonologically Irregular
Rotuman OC.MARA Mara So ripe as to fall off tree (of certain fruit)
Tongan OC.MARA Maa Kind of ensilage (but for human consumption) usually made from plantains or bananas, in a hole in the earth
Pukapuka NP.MALALI Malali A fish, species of wrasse (Anampses godeffroyi). Triple-tail Wrasse (Cheilinus trilobatus) (Sby).
Mangareva PN.MA-LELE Marere To fall little by little (of a bag, a parcel, a tree); fall of gravel and stones from a mountain. Tomber peu à peu, e.g. un arbre (Rch).
Nukuoro PN.MAALIE.A Malie Good (of certain activities)
Easter Island PN.MA-LIGI.A Pariŋi To leak (out of a container); derramarse, escurrirse el líquido de un vaso Phonologically Irregular
Pukapuka PN.MA-LIU Maaliuliu To have a slight or incomplete understanding of something; be uncertain, forgetful Uncertain Semantic Connection
East Uvea MP.MALO Malo Kotex. Sorte de bande dont se servent lex hommes pour envelopper leur sexe dans certaines iles (Fidji, Tokelau)
Tahitian CE.MAMAKU Mamau The name of a certain plant or tree. (Cyathea medullaris) (Jsn).
West Uvea PN.MAMAQO Mumao Lointain [Heo Dialect]
Tahitian CE.MAMO.1 Mamo Race, lineage, progeny (obsolete in Tahiti, but retained in other dialects)
New Zealand Maori NP.MANA-QAKI Manaaki-tia Show respect or kindness to; entertain
Rennellese NP.MANA-QAKI Manaʔaki/na Get, see, do for the first time (of something difficult to obtain or do); to succeed; at last, finally
Tuamotu NP.MANA-QAKI Maanaaki/na Be attained, reached
Marquesas MQ.MANAWA.2 Heʔe ia menava. Hua menava (MQN) (Atl). Anterior fontanelle. Fontaine de la tête, fontanelle.
Mangareva PN.MANIA.1 Mania(nia) Set on edge. Sentiment sensual involontaire (Rch).
Tahitian CE.MANU-FIRI Manufiri, manuhiri, manuhini A guest or visitor, one entertained
Tahitian PN.MANUU-QIA Manuia To be prosperous or successful in some project; to obtain what a person sought, or wished for
East Futuna SF.MAA-QOKI Maaʔoki True, certain, certainly