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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
New Zealand Maori PN.PALE.2 Pare Band for the hair, fillet, wreath; ornament for the head; crest, topknot
Niue PN.PALE.2 Pale Dress the hair
Rennellese PN.PALI.2 Pagi Space between navel and pubic hair
East Futuna OC.PANI.1 Pani Oil the hair
Fijian OC.PANI.1 Vani Put oil through hair with fingers
Samoan OC.PANI.1 Pani Dye (hair, etc.)
Pukapuka CE.PAA-SERE.2 Paaele Comb used as hair ornament Problematic
Emae PN.MILI Miri To bleach one's hair red Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue OC.PEAU Peau Wave (of ocean); wave hairstyle
Easter Island NP.PIKI-PIKI Pikipiki Curly (e.g. hair)
New Zealand Maori NP.PIKI-PIKI Piki Frizzled, closely curled, of hair
Luangiua NP.PIKI-PIKI Piki, piŋi Curly hair Phonologically Irregular
Samoan NP.PIKI-PIKI Piʔipiʔi Curly (of hair)
Tuamotu NP.PIKI-PIKI Pikipiki Very curly, as hair
Marquesas NP.PII-WAI Pivai/tea Sans chair
Hawaiian CE.POHUTU.1 Poohuku Swollen; protruding, especially of a round object; piled up, as a coil of hair on the head
East Futuna PN.POGA.1 Poga Hair cut short leaving only top Problematic
Takuu SO.MUQA-GA-LAQE Maarae Upper part of the forehead, the area between the first vertical lines of hair Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi PN.PORO.1 Hai bolo Say that
Nukuoro PN.PORO.1 Hai bolo Think that
Tikopia OC.PUAKA Puaka Archaic term for person to be respected Problematic
Rennellese CP.PUULOU.A Puugou Abundance of hair, climbing vine
Tikopia FJ.PULU-PULU Purupuru Sea fish, up to 90 cm, thin, light-coloured; taken by hook ? Hair-tail or Scabbard Fish. Also applied to a kind of squalid shark
East Uvea PN.PUSO.2 Puho Tete de poisson depouille de la chair; crâne
Niue MP.SAQI Ha/hai Lash on, tie fast
Tahitian MP.SAQI Hai/hai To bind up fast, to secure
Tokelau MP.SAQI (Haai)hai Bind, tie
Tahitian PN.SAKI Hai/a A human sacrifice; also the bodies of those slain in war Uncertain Semantic Connection
Fijian OC.SAAKULE Cakule Lift up in searching, part hair to find lice
Rotuman OC.SAAKULE Saʔule Separate hair and pick out lice
Takuu OC.SAAKULE Saakure Search for lice in someone's hair
Waya OC.SAAKULE Caakule Part the hair to look for lice
East Futuna SF.SALI.2 Sali Enlever la chair de coco
Tahitian EO.SAQALO Haro To smooth back the hair; to pull the raoere or leaves tied together to catch fish
Rarotongan PN.SAA-MOLE Aamore Smooth, not hairy
Tongan OC.SANI.2 Hani Remove all leaves from tree or cut hair very short
Tongan OC.SANI.2 Hani Remove hair from coconuts so as to tie two together (I)
Marquesas EP.SEI.1B Haii Necklace
Niue CP.SEI.1A Hei Floral decoration for bride; to place a flower in hair or behind ear
Samoan CP.SEI.1A Sei Flower worn as ornament (behind the ear or in the hair)
Tokelau CP.SEI.1A Hei Ear or hair ornament of flower, leaf
Kapingamarangi EP.SEI.1B Hei, hai Put on (as a lei)
Penrhyn EP.SEI.1B Sei/ rauru Necklace of braided human hair
New Zealand Maori EC.SEI.2 Hei/Hai Preposed nominal particle indicating 1. future location, 2. (immediately before a noun) to serve as, for the purpose of
Sikaiana MP.SELU Selu (of hair) Combed
Tuamotu MP.SELU Paa/heru/heru Comb the hair
Niue CP.SEU Heu Net birds or flying-fish with long-handled net; ruffle (hair, with raking motion); charge (with head, as bull). Shuffle away (McE).
Emae OC.SIFI Sifi/a Whittle; cut (hair)
Niue OC.SIFI Hifi Shave, shear, cut (hair, fur, fleece, etc.)
Easter Island CP.SIGA.A Hiŋa Fall. Fall (a person, from e.g. a horse, motorcycle, chair, tree, etc.)