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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Nukumanu MP.SAQI Hai/hai Tie up, bind
Anuta OC.SINA.1 Ina Grey-haired b Problematic
Easter Island OC.SINA.1 Hina Grey-haired
East Futuna OC.SINA.1 Sina Avoir des cheveux blancs. Grey-haired (Bgs).
Hawaiian OC.SINA.1 Hina Grey-haired, white-haired
Kapingamarangi OC.SINA.1 Hina White or grey hair
Emae OC.SINA.1 Sina White (of hair)
New Zealand Maori OC.SINA.1 Hina Grey-haired
Ifira-Mele OC.SINA.1 Sina Grey-hair
Mangareva OC.SINA.1 ʔIna Grey (of hair) . Cheveux blancs; blanc (cheveux) (Rch).
Nukuoro OC.SINA.1 Sina Grey-haired, white-haired
Penrhyn OC.SINA.1 Sina(sina) White; white hair, grey hair
Pukapuka OC.SINA.1 Yina Grey hair
Rarotongan OC.SINA.1 ʔina Grey-haired
Rennellese OC.SINA.1 Sina Grey hair
Samoan OC.SINA.1 Sina/a White-haired
Sikaiana OC.SINA.1 Sina/a To have grey or white hair. (Often demeaning).
Takuu OC.SINA.1 Sina White or grey hair
Tikopia OC.SINA.1 Sina Grey-haired
Tokelau OC.SINA.1 Hina White or grey hair
Tongan OC.SINA.1 Hina/a Grey-haired, white-haired
Tuamotu OC.SINA.1 Hina/hina Grey-haired
West Futuna OC.SINA.1 Sina White, grayish (esp. of hair)
Marquesas CP.SOA Hoa Ami, camarade, compagnon, prochain
Nuguria CP.SOA Hai/soa Friend
Rotuman CP.SOPE.1 Sope Plait of hair at side of head
Samoan CP.SOPE.1 Sope Lock, tuft of hair (left to grow on forehead)
Tikopia CP.SOPE.1 Sope Tufts of hair left to grow at sides of a boy's head
Tokelau CP.SOPE.1 Hope Tuft of hair left to grow on a child's forehead
West Futuna CP.SOPE.1 Sope Tuft, ringlet of hair in the center of the forehead; comb of cock; apex, triangle
Tahitian EP.SOPE.2 Hope Etre fini. The tail of a bird, the hair of a man tied behind; to be finished, ended, concluded (Dvs).
Rennellese MP.SULU.1A Sugu Insert, as a flower in hair, a stick in thatch
Marquesas NP.SUMU.1 Humu Attacher, lier, garrotter, enchainer
Sikaiana AN.TAQE.1 Tae Feces, excrement (archaic)
Rennellese PN.TAFA-QAKI-LAGI Tahakigangi That part of the distant sky where Tehainga`atua's home is
Kapingamarangi EO.TAFI Dahi Shave, cut hair
Easter Island EP.TUGU.1 Tumu, tuŋu (archaic) Cough Phonologically Irregular
Vaeakau-Taumako NP.TAI-QAO Thaiao Morning
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.TA-ILI Thaili/hia Blow (vt)
Easter Island OC.TAKA.1A Taka Redondo, circulo; formarse gente en circulos. Wind (rolling up, e.g. fishing line, rope, wire, ribbon, hair, paper)
Tokelau PN.TAKE.2 Take Break, broken, cracked; hairline crack
Tikopia PN.TAKU.1 Taaku Request, solicit (archaic/rare)
Tokelau PN.TALAWA Feketalivai A thin black sea creature which has short thick black hairs on its five long arms Problematic
East Futuna CP.TALO.2 Talo/talo Souhaiter, désirer
East Uvea CP.TALO.2 Talo/talo Souhaiter, désirer
Pukapuka MP.TAPA-SI Tapayi/a Break, split (archaic)
Vaeakau-Taumako NP.TASI.1 Thai, thahi [VAE,TAU] One, a(n) (quantifier singular)
Kapingamarangi AN.TASI.2 Dahi To shave, to cut hair
Takuu AN.TASI.2 Tasi Shave, cut hair; wipe clean with hands or broom
West Futuna AN.TASI.2 Tasi-a To shave, cut (esp. hair)