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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Marquesas PN.QEMO Amo Bruit de la bouche en mangeant la popoi Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue PN.QENE Ene, kene, tene To poke (usually refers to very careful poking with a rod into cavity to get an animal to come out) Phonologically Irregular
Marquesas NP.EE-NEI Enei Ci, celui-ci, ceux-ci, ci, actuellement, maintenant, présentement
Easter Island EP.QEO ʔEo Fragrant, odorous, perfumed, scented; aroma, fragrance, odour, perfume, scent, smell
Easter Island EP.QEO ʔEo Olor, fragancia, aroma; oler bien
Mangareva EP.QEO Eo Exhaler mauvaise odeur; infecter
Nukuoro OC.QEPA Eba Childs sleeping mat
Pukapuka OC.QEPA Epa/epa Sleeping mat best type of mat made from laukie material
Rennellese OC.QEPA Epa Small mat, formerly also the ceremonial mat on which Tehu'aigabenga or Tehainga'atua was supported to sit and rest
Samoan OC.QEPA Epa Native mats and cloth on which dead chief is laid
Tahitian OC.QEPA Epa A small enclosure sacred to the infant king; also an enclosure for the use of dancers
Takuu OC.QEPA Epa Coconut leaf mat in a clan elder's house on which the elder lies, and on which very sick people are ritually treated; woven container for turmeric powder stored inside a section of large-diameter bamboo
Tikopia OC.QEPA Epa Ritual offering of finely plaited Pandanus mats
Tongan OC.QEPA ʔEpa Mats given to bride
Pukapuka PN.QETE-QETE Waka/eteete Make something frightening to keep people away
Mangareva MP.QETI Eti Tear with teeth. Déchirer quelque chose avec les dents; enlever les épines des feuilles du pandanus pour les rendre maniables; ôter les arêtes de poissons
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.QETI Esi/a Husk with teeth (mainly used about biting the skin of betelnuts)
Tikopia SO.EVA Eeva Rise in a floating manner
Tongan PN.EWE.1 Eve(eve) Ragged or torn or worn out, tattered, in tatters, esp. of a mat; ragged mat or piece of it, tatter
East Futuna NP.EWE.2 V/eve Small, black fish sp.
Ra'ivavae EP.QEWE Eve Womb (of animals or men)
Tongan PN.MA-FASI Mafahi Split (vi); split (n), fissure, piece split off
Vaeakau-Taumako AN.LAGI.2 Ha/langi/langi Weather situation, climate
Rarotongan AN.FAQA.1 ʔAa Leaf stalk including main spine of leaf, especially of taro, banana, coconut
Rotuman AN.FAQA.1 Faʔa A food made from taro leaves Borrowed
Nuguria NP.FAEKO Ma/haeo Theilen
Sikaiana NP.FAEKO Haeko Blood of man or animal; very, excessively; bad, cruel, unkind
East Futuna PN.FAQELE Faʔele/ʔele Woman who has had first child
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FAQELE Haele/angia [VAE], haele/akina [TAU] Take care of children when they are small
Tuamotu PN.FAQELE Faiere Young mother, with only one or two children; woman recovering from childbirth
Anuta AN.FAFA.1 Papa To carry a person (generally a small child) on one's back, piggyback-fashion; to be carried in such a fashion
West Futuna AN.FAFA.1 Fafa To carry piggy back (a customary manner of carrying a young child)
Pukapuka SO.FAFA.3 Wawa Sheet of main sail
Marquesas PN.FAA-FAA Haha (MQN), fafa (MQS) Feel with hands. Tâtonner, chercher en tatonnant; tâter de, essayer; sonder. Tâter avec la main (Atl).
Tokelau PN.FAA-FAA Faafaa Feel with hands or feet, grope; massage
Tikopia PN.FAFALI Fali Pick up to get rid of (as ordure etc.) in leaf wrapper; pick up small objects Phonologically Irregular
Hawaiian NP.FAAFAA-LUA Haahaalua Manta Ray, Sea Devil (Manta alfredi)
Marquesas NP.FAAFAA-LUA Haahaaʔua. Fafaʔua (MQS), hahaʔua (MQN) (Atl). (Manta alfredi), Manta Ray.
Mangareva NP.FAAFAA-LUA ʔAaʔaarua. ʔAʔarua (Bct) Manta Ray or Devilfish. Poisson: Manta birostris, Manta alfredi (Mobulidae)
Penrhyn NP.FAAFAA-LUA Haahaarua Manta Ray
Pukapuka NP.FAAFAA-LUA Waawaalua Manta Ray (Manta birostris)
Rarotongan NP.FAAFAA-LUA ʔAaʔaarua Manta ray.
Tahitian NP.FAAFAA-LUA Faafaa/piti Manta ray (Manta alfredi) Problematic
Tuamotu NP.FAAFAA-LUA Fafaruua. Faafaarua (Bct). Variety of giant Manta Ray, the Devilfish (Manta birostris). (Mobula spp.) (Bct).
Mangareva XE.FAFI ʔAʔi (plural ʔaʔiʔi) Faire des petits paquets de ma qu'on enveloppe de feuilles pour les faire cuire
Anuta AN.FAFINE Papine Woman. Female (Fbg).
East Futuna AN.FAFINE Fafine Woman
East Uvea AN.FAFINE Fafine Woman
Kapingamarangi AN.FAFINE Ahina Woman
Emae AN.FAFINE Fafine Woman