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8 Results matching "maatu'a" in entry:

Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Rennellese AN.MATUQA.A Maatuʔa Old people, be mature (pl.)
Tongan AN.MATUQA.A Maatuʔa Old people
East Uvea PN.MAATUQA Maatuʔa Parents
Rennellese PN.MAATUQA Maatuʔa Parents, old people, be mature (pl.)
Tongan PN.MAATUQA Maatuʔa Parents; old people
Rennellese PN.HALA-MATUQA Aga o maatuʔa Trail taken by gods or ancestors Problematic
Rennellese PN.WAO-MATUQA Bao maatuʔa Ancient forests
Niuafo'ou PN.MAATUQA Maatuʔa Parent (Col).