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19 Results matching "mauli" in entry:

Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FATU-MANAVA Hatu mauli Heart Problematic
Nggela EO.MAUII Mauli Left (not right)
Sa'a EO.MAUII Mauli Left (not right)
Hawaiian EP.MAURI Mauli Night of the moon, twenty-ninth night
Hawaiian AN.MAQURI Mauli Life
Vaeakau-Taumako AN.MAQURI Mauli Life; to live
Hawaiian NP.MAQULI Mauli Heart, seat of life; ghost, spirit
Pukapuka NP.MAQULI Mauli Soul, spirit
Pukapuka NP.MAQULI Mauli ola Gravestones at grave of spirit (sic) of one killed in an accident; shrine for such a person who became a god
Samoan NP.MAQULI Mauli The heart (used only in certain expressions) ; seat of the emotions
Tokelau NP.MAQULI Mauli Seat of the emotions or feelings thought to be in the region of the solar plexus
Hawaiian PN.TOKO-MAHURU Mauli-ʔawa Hiccough Problematic
Pukapuka PN.TOKO-MAHURU Tokamauli/a Hiccough
Niuafo'ou AN.MAQURI Mauli Alive
Pukapuka NP.MAQULI Watu mauli ola Commemorative stones where people prayed to dead ancestors accidentally killed (Ethnology)
Hawaiian CE.ROGO.2 Mauli Twenty-ninth of the old month
Tuvalu EP.MAURI Poo mauli Monday Problematic
Tuvalu AN.MAQURI Mauli Sneeze Problematic
Tuvalu AN.MAQURI Fua/mauli/ Testicle Problematic