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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
East Futuna SO.FAGA-SELE Faga-sele Gâté (en parlant d'enfant qu'on abandonne à ses caprices); enfant cherie, préferé
East Futuna AN.FILI.1 Fili Select, choose
East Uvea AN.FILI.1 Fili Select, choose
Kapingamarangi AN.FILI.1 Hili Choose, select
New Zealand Maori AN.FILI.1 Whiri/whiri Select, choose
Ifira-Mele AN.FILI.1 Firi/a Select, choose
Nggela AN.FILI.1 Vili Choose, select
Niue AN.FILI.1 Fi/fili Choose, select
Penrhyn AN.FILI.1 Hiri Select, choose
Vaeakau-Taumako AN.FILI.1 Hili/hili/a Select, choose; put a taboo sign on
Vaeakau-Taumako AN.FILI.1 Hili/hili Choosy, selective; taboo sign
Rarotongan AN.FILI.1 ʔIri Select, choose
Rennellese AN.FILI.1 Higi Choose, select, vote
Rotuman AN.FILI.1 Hili Choose, select
Samoan AN.FILI.1 Fili Select, choose
Sikaiana AN.FILI.1 Hili Select, choose
Takuu AN.FILI.1 Fili Choose, select
Tikopia AN.FILI.1 Firi Select
Tokelau AN.FILI.1 Fili Pick out, select
Tongan AN.FILI.1 Fili Select, choose
Pukapuka FJ.FULE.C Wu/wule Senseless destroying of numerous leaves (e.g. ofcoconut) ; to mutilate
Penrhyn PN.GAFI-GAFI Ngahingahi Shabby, ragged, useless
Tongan PN.GAHELE Ngahele Move slowly and noiselessly; creep, crawl
Rarotongan CE.GASERE Ngaa/ngaaere/ (Full of) weeds, useless grasses, plants or bushes
Penrhyn PN.KINO Kino Bad ; bad, naughty, rough, stormy, rotten, useless
Hawaiian NP.KOFI ʔOhi-a Gather, harvest, cull, pick, select
New Zealand Maori CE.KOO-PEKA.2 Koopeka Obstruct, deceive, spoil, render useless; a lie
Hawaiian CE.KUKA.2 ʔUʔa Worn out, coarse mat or tapa, useless, unattractive
Hawaiian PN.MAKAU.1 Maʔau Go from place to place; gad about; to sprout, germinate, spread, esp. of useless weeds
East Futuna PN.MASELE Vao maaselesele A plant (Scleria polycarpa)
Samoan PN.MASELE Selesele Large, sharp-edge sedge spp. (Mariscus javanicus) or (Rhynchosporal corymbosa)
Hawaiian PN.MA-WAHE Maawae To separate, sort, select; cleft, fissure, crevice, crack; to crack, split, cleave
Luangiua FJ.MOLI.2 Moli Useless, no good
Tuamotu NP.NEWA.B Neneva Asinine, mad, crazy, senseless
East Uvea EO.NOA.1 Noa Useless, worthless
Niue EO.NOA.1 Noa To be, have, get or obtain nothing. Uselessly, without cause, in vain (Tgr). Problematic
East Uvea PN.PAKOKO.A Pakoko Concave; non plein; bossele; frise; retire
Rennellese CP.PAU.1A Pau Permanent, forever, decidedly, definitely; choose, select, decide
Rennellese CP.PAU.1A Haka/pau Know inherently; choose, vote, select
Pukapuka NP.PII-WAI Piivai/elo Useless, good for nothing (said of persons)
Mota PN.SAMU.1A Samw/ai Useless remains, refuse
East Futuna CP.SELE.1A Matamaa/sele/ Snare v.
Nukuoro CP.SELE.1A Sele Catch with lasso or noose
Luangiua CP.SELE.1A Sele Hang up, suspend
Samoan CP.SELE.1A Sele Snare for catching fish; tie up
Sikaiana CP.SELE.1A Sele Tie up from above; set a trap using a string that jerks
Nukuoro EC.SELE.1B Daa/sele Swing rope in game to cause jumper to trip
Sikaiana EC.SELE.1B Sele Wrestling holds used in the traditional style of wrestling
East Futuna EO.SELE.2 Sele Knife, cut
Fijian EO.SELE.2 I/sele Knife