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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Nuguria PN.ALAGA.A Harana Rippe, Aussenseit des Oberschenkels, vom Rollhügel bis zum unteren Rippenrande
Rarotongan MP.QAPI.2 Api(api) Crowded, congested, full up, cluttered up
Takuu PN.QAATEA Aatea Free from restrictions of shame or forbiddance or ignorance to undertake a specific task; (of a house or area) clean; neat, uncluttered; (of water) clean, clear, free of impurities; (of the sky) clear, free of clouds
Tongan PN.EWE.1 Eve(eve) Ragged or torn or worn out, tattered, in tatters, esp. of a mat; ragged mat or piece of it, tatter
Tokelau PN.FAKA-MAQU Fakamau Tighten, fix, secure; fasten, button up; register, be registered; be engaged to get married
New Zealand Maori TU.FAATELE Paatere An abusive song; a dance with grotesque gestures Problematic
Rennellese OC.FEKA-FEKA Hekaheka To be smeared, filth-littered
Fijian AN.FILI.1 Vili Pick up scattered things
Nukumanu EC.FINA.1 Hina Adulterer
Sikaiana EC.FINA.1 Hina Adulterer
New Zealand Maori FJ.FOHI Hoi/puu Blistered , but example suggests "peeled"
Tongan PN.GAO-HAQA Ngaohaʔa Littered with garbage
Easter Island EP.GIQO ŋiʔo/ŋiʔo Garment, rag, tattered Phonologically Irregular
Niue CE.MA-WESE Mavehe/vehe To be scattered, separated; to be in pieces, to have fallen apart Problematic
Tuamotu CE.KAREWA Karevareva A variety of fish (Aleuteres scriptus)
Tahitian EO.KAU.1 ʔAu Nager (sauf pour les poissons pour lesquels on emploie tere)
East Uvea OC.KOLO.1 Kolo Fort, forteresse, citadelle, rempart
Hawaiian PN.KOLO-PUPUU ʔOlopuu Inflated, puffed out, blistered
New Zealand Maori CE.KOO-PUUPUU Kopuu(puu) Blistered; full up
Marquesas NP.KUUKUU.1 Kuku Turtle dove, (Ptilinopus dupetithouarsii). Tourterelle verte, ptilope des Marquises, oiseau de la famille des colombidés (Lch).
Marquesas CE.KUUKUPA Kuukupa. Kukupa (MQN), ʔuʔupa (MQS) (Lch). Fruit dove (Ptilinopus sp.) [Southeast Marquesan Dialect]. Tourterelle, ptilope Dupetit Thouars, famlle des colombidés
East Futuna PN.KULU-KULU.1 Kulukulu Tourterelle
Nuguria PN.RAA Ki/la Direction; near; weitere Nähe; in der Richtung nach
Sa'a OC.LAKI Raʔi/rehi Under the lee, sheltered Problematic
New Zealand Maori AN.RARA.1 Rara Spread out on stage (e.g. to dry or be grilled); be scattered about
Rarotongan NP.LALI.2 Rari Splashed, spattered, drenched, stained
New Zealand Maori EO.LAU.3 Rau/roha Spread about, scattered, extended (of the arms)
New Zealand Maori NP.TELE.3B Tere Flow, as water
Nuguria NP.TELE.3B Tere Flow, run (of water)
Penrhyn NP.LEKA.1 Reka Pleasant; nice, good, enjoyable, tasteful, interesting
New Zealand Maori EP.REPE Taa/reperepe Ragged, tattered
Samoan AN.RIKI Liʔi Scattered in small fragments
Tokelau OC.LOKI Loki Be sheltered (from winds) Problematic
Marquesas ??.LULU.1B Uʔu Bird species. Espèce de tourterelle du pays Problematic
New Zealand Maori MP.RURU Ruru Shelter, sheltered
Ifira-Mele MP.RURU Ruru Sheltered
Moriori MP.RURU Ruru Sheltered
Mangareva MP.RURU Ruru Sheltered. Abri, protection.
Luangiua MP.RURU Luu Sheltered, in lee of wind; behave
Rennellese MP.RURU Gugu Calm, sheltered, to leeward
Sikaiana MP.RURU Lulu To be protected from the wind, sheltered
Takuu MP.RURU Lluu Sheltered from the wind; sheltered area
Tongan MP.RURU Uu Sheltered
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.RURU Lu/maki Be sheltered from wind
East Futuna PN.MA-FAQA.A Mafaʔa Broken, shattered, cracked
Rennellese EO.MA-FOA.A Mahoa Cracked, as a canoe or eggs; smashed, blistered; to bump (as the head)
Sikaiana PN.MA-FUTA Mahuta Flee, run away and be scattered
New Zealand Maori MP.MALU.A Maru(maru) Shade, shady, sheltered from the sun
Niue MP.MALU.A Malu Shaded, sheltered
Tongan MP.MALU.A Malu Shaded, sheltered; shade, shadow