#0: Grammatical Particles and Affixes - Negatives.

Reconstruction Description
HAFA.C Negative imperative: don't *a-i-hafa
KA-KORE Negative predicate marker; negative existential: there is none; pro-negative 'no!'
KAARE.* Not, nothing, nowhere
KAHORE Negative marker: *ka(a)(h)ore
KAI.8 Negative imperative, caveat
KAUA Negative imperative
KAURAKA Mark of negative imperative; do not
KIISAI Negative, did not
KOI.4 Lest
KORE Negative: without, lacking
MAQI Negative imperative: don't!
NAQA.2 Lest
QAUA.2 Negative imperative
QIKAI Negative
SEQE.2 Negative marker
TAQE-KI Not yet
TAQE.2 Negativiser
TEE.2* Negative
TEQE-AI Negative existential and pro-form; not exist, none, no

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