Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
-A Presence of, or infestation by, that indicated by the noun (Rby)
-AGA.3 Allomorph of nominalizing suffix
-FAGA.5 An allomorph of a noun-forming suffix
-GA Gerundive suffix
-HAQA Bad, wrong
-KU.1 First person singular possessive suffix
-LA-TOU.B Third person plural possessive suffix
-MA-TOU.B First person exclusive plural possessive suffix
-MAA.5B First person dual exclusive possessive suffix: *maa(ua)
-NA.1 Demonstrative clitic: there (near addressee)
-NA.4 Third person singular possessive marker
-NI Demonstrative clitic: this, here (near speaker)
-QAKI.1 Formative suffix to verbs
-QI.3 Transitivising suffix
-RA Demonstrative clitic: there, yonder (not near speaker or addressee)
-TA First person singular affective possessive suffix
-TA-TOU First person inclusive plural possessive suffix
-TAA.5B First person inclusive dual possessive suffix: *-taa(ua)
-TAGA.4 Substantiviser
-U Second person singular possessive suffix
-U-LUA Second person dual possessive suffix
-U-TOU Second person plural possessive suffix: *-(ou)tou
A Personal article, used before proper names and personal pronouns: *(q)a(a)
A-IA There it is!, that's it!; interjection of approval
NO A-LAA Other(s)
A-TE-.1 Article preposed to singular personal pronouns following ki/i
AA- Ligative particle, like, as, after the manner of
AA-KUA-NEI Later today; soon
AA-NANAFI Tomorrow
AA-NEWA Dizzy, unsteady, weak
AA-NINI Giddy, vertigo
AA-NIWA Dizzy, confused
AA-NUANUA.* Rainbow
AA-POOPOO Tomorrow: *a(a)-poo(poo)
CK AA-RAU Gather, lay hold of, entangle
AA.1 Locative preposition - along, through, by way of : *(C)aa
AA.2 And: *aa~*ee
AA.3 Continuation: until, as far as
AAFUA Form, appearance, likeness
AAIO Calm (of sea)
AALAI Screen; obstruct, block: *(q)aala(q)i
AALISI : *(q)a(a)lisi
AAPULU Crowded; to sink (esp. of overcrowded vessel)
AAREA Unoccupied space; interval between two objects
LO AAROTE Plough, to plough (from Gk. arotron, Lat. aratrum)
AATI Join together as a group (of people): (`)aati
AAVA Spouse; honour, respect; support
AE Yes: *a(a)e
AFAA Storm, hurricane

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