Entries from Pukui 1986 in Pollex-Online

Pukui, M. K. and S. H. Elbert (1986). Hawaiian Dictionary. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press.

Language Item Description
Hawaiian Alia To wait, stop; usually as a command: stop! wait a minute!
Hawaiian Ao-lani Street name in Honolulu
Hawaiian E...ana Imperfect aspect
Hawaiian ((Haa)ki)kili, hekili Thunder
Hawaiian Haku Lord, master, overseer
Hawaiian Aa When, at the time when... Problematic
Hawaiian ʔOle Negative used with verbal particle `a and e
Hawaiian Lani-aakea Cave and pool at Kailua, Hawai`i
Hawaiian Lila Another pronunciation of laila
Hawaiian Maloʔo Dry, dried up, evaporated, juiceless; stale; drought
Hawaiian Me With
Hawaiian A me And
Hawaiian Nanue Fish sp.
Hawaiian Piko Summit or top of a hill or mountain; crest; crown of head or hat; tip of ear; end of rope; border of land...
Hawaiian Poi Cooked taro corms or breadfruit, pounded and thinned with water
Hawaiian Hoʔo- Prefixed to the numeral "one", except when counting
Hawaiian Ke Definite article singular
Hawaiian Ka, ke Definite article singular
Hawaiian Ke...nei Present tense near speaker
Hawaiian Ke...laa Present tense at a distance from speaker