Entries from Handy 1927, 1932 in Pollex-Online

Handy, E. S. C. (1927). Polynesian religion. Honolulu, Bishop Museum Press., Handy, E. S. C. (1932). Houses, boats and fishing in the Society Islands. Honolulu, Bishop Museum Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Hiinaʔi Shrimp trap (a bottle-necked basket with two openings)
Tahitian Hitoi To remove midrib from underside of a Pandanus leaf
Tahitian Niiʔau Coconut leaf, i.e. the great leaf. Palme de cocotier, folioles de ces palmes, nervures de ces folioles (Lmt).
Tahitian Papua Young shoots of bamboo. A green branch of a tree or plant (Dvs).
Tahitian Pahi A carvel (plank) built traditional canoe
Tahitian Pa/hahu/ Scrape bamboo to obtain thin layer for plaiting
Hawaiian Kanaloa Name of one of the great Hawaiian gods, called a god of healing. God of darkness and evil ; associated with the octopus.
Samoan Tagaloa The name of the principal god . The lizard was his incarnation
Tahitian Taʔaroa The patron of fishermen. Le grand dieu des Maoris; en général le créateur (Jsn).
Tahitian Tao/mi Heavy pole laid on outside of roof thatch during high winds