Entries from Mutu 2002 in Pollex-Online

Mutu, M. and e. a. Te'ikitutoua, B. (2002). 'Ua Pou: aspects of a Marquesan dialect. Canberra, Pacific Linguistics.

Language Item Description
Marquesas Aate- Carefully, slowly
Marquesas ʔA Inceptive; imperative (UAP)
Marquesas Kee (NKH), ʔee. Other, different. Autre, différent; étranger (Dln 1904).
Marquesas Ia Desiderative; punctative (UAP)
Marquesas Koʔoua Aged, decrepit . Old man. Vieillard (terme de respect) (Lch).
Marquesas Kootou Second person plural pronoun
Marquesas Ioo Location in space; to, in, into, on, beside, near, at, or to the home of
Marquesas ʔOoʔoo Spathe of coconut palm
Marquesas Mau Dual/paucal number marker (UAP)
Marquesas Noa Without limits
Marquesas Oti Perhaps (postposed particle) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas Peʔau Speak. Dire, parler, raconter; commander, ordonner (Lch).
Marquesas Pii Spurt forth
Marquesas Taha tai Seaside. Plage, beach (Atl).
Marquesas Tee Negative, diminutive
Marquesas Te...nei Present tense
Marquesas Ti/tiʔi Throw. Jeter, rejeter; chasser, renvoyer, exiler; abandoner, délaisser; abdiquer, renoncer (Lch).
Marquesas (ʔ)Eenaa There (are)
Marquesas Koutou You (plural)
Marquesas Kaiuu Small
Marquesas Aavei-tina Meeting
Marquesas Paa/ʔai/ʔai Fish sp.
Marquesas Înaʔi Meat
Marquesas Pokoʔo Scabbard Phonologically Irregular
Marquesas ʔAua Negative imperative: don't
Marquesas ʔI teenei Now
Marquesas Uu Crash (v)
Marquesas Puupuu Party (group)
Marquesas A Case marker: dominant possession
Marquesas I Case marker: direct comment
Marquesas T(e) Article: definite singular
Marquesas -a Article: personal
Marquesas ʔOi/nei Here (is) [presentative]
Marquesas ʔI/na At that time
Marquesas Hi/peʔu Ripple