Entries from Peter Sharples in Pollex-Online

Personal Communication

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Ani/ani Blow (as wind)
Sikaiana Aho Day
Sikaiana A/ali/ To shave
Sikaiana Aalisi Adze
Sikaiana ʔAlo Paddle
Sikaiana Aloha Pity
Sikaiana Ane White-ant. A small insect similar to a caterpillar that eats crops (Dnr).
Sikaiana Ao Scoop up
Sikaiana Ao A fruit with no flesh inside. A green coconut that does not have any water inside; (fig.) a child that does not grow very well (Dnr).
Sikaiana A/asi/ Inspect a fish-trap
Sikaiana Asu Ladle, dip, scoop out
Sikaiana Ato Thatch
Sikaiana Aavana Spouse; marry
Sikaiana Aha The sail guide rope
Sikaiana Haahaa Feel, touch
Sikaiana Ffano Awaken someone
Sikaiana Hhali Scoop up faeces or vomit (usually with a coconut shell)
Sikaiana Hahine Woman, woman, girl
Sikaiana Hine Female
Sikaiana Haanota General term for fishing
Sikaiana Hai Repair a roof
Sikaiana Hai To fight
Sikaiana Haitama Pregnant
Sikaiana Haliki Basket for pudding
Sikaiana Hano Menstruation
Sikaiana Hatahata Chest
Sikaiana Hatu To weave
Sikaiana Atu Loom part Problematic
Sikaiana Hatu Stone, rock
Sikaiana Heata Bullrout [fish sp. with venomous spines]
Sikaiana Kau/hihi Vulva ; labia majora
Sikaiana Hilo To braid (as rope)
Sikaiana Hola Spread out
Sikaiana Hotu Inner part of vaginal lip
Sikaiana Hunu Pelvic hair
Sikaiana Naa The (pl.)
Sikaiana Ake Direction particle upwards
Sikaiana Iho Downward
Sikaiana Uku Dive or swim under water
Sikaiana Kaa Sharp
Sikaiana Kahu Afterbirth ; membrane
Sikaiana K/kai/ Spread (of sores)
Sikaiana Kaka Fibre round base of coconut leaf
Sikaiana Kkaa Burning without flame
Sikaiana Kkala Sweet, fragrant
Sikaiana Kalea Shellfish sp.
Sikaiana Kali Penis
Sikaiana Kalo Dodge, evade
Sikaiana Kaamata Begin
Sikaiana Kano Inner part, of a tree, for example the fleshy part or inside of a solid substance