Entries from Hogbin 1940 in Pollex-Online

H.Ian Hogbin, "Polynesian" colonies in Melanesia. Journal of the Polynesian Society 49: 199-220 (1940)

Language Item Description
Luangiua Ke Luahinge Name of a goddess Problematic
Sikaiana Te Luahine Name of a goddess Problematic
Luangiua Pule/pule A body of men appointed by the priests or king...to punish any who might try to cross beyond the boundary
Luangiua Kiŋaŋa Parent
Luangiua Kaiŋa Brother, son of the brother or sister of either parent (man speaking); sister, daughter of the brother or sister of either parent (woman speaking).
Luangiua Lamoku Mother's brother; sister's child (man speaking).
Luangiua Vei/soa Co-consort
Luangiua Mopuŋa. Moʔopuŋa (Sar). Grandchild...
Luangiua Ka/pili Close
Luangiua ʔOmeke Food bowl
Luangiua ʔAlali Parrot fish (Thalassoma trilobatum) Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua Moku/moku Banded Demoiselle Fish (Glyphisodon bengalensis) Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua Asoa Necklace
Luangiua Heku/ʔu King Phonologically Irregular