Entries from Meyer & Claridge (2014) in Pollex-Online

Meyer, Jean-Yves & Claridge, Elin M. (eds) (2014). Terrestrial Biodiversity of the Austral Islands, French Polynesia

Language Item Description
Rapa Aʔa/poʔi To cover an oven with plant material
Rapa Maʔu Fermented, soured
Rapa ʔAka/rapu To mix
Rapa ʔAka/tika To level ground in roki by using water
Rapa ʔAka/ʔui Sheaf of plants
Rapa E/aka Roots of taro plant
Rapa Faa Stem of taro plant
Rapa Fio Young taro spathe used by children as noisemaker; to whistle
Rapa Kao Unfurled young taro leaf
Rapa Kumu Base of taro stem, up to about first 2 cm. Phonologically Irregular
Rapa Mai Overripe taro
Rapa Maʔi Ancient way of using taro, by fermenting in a pit...
Rapa ʔOni To peel cooked taro
Rapa Paka Skin of young taro; to skin young taro
Rapa Pee Soft rot of taro
Rapa Penu Teardrop-shaped old-style pounding stone; anything teardrop-shaped...
Rapa Po/poi A stiff paste of pounded cooked taro...
Rapa Pua Flower. Flowers (Grn).
Rapa Tanu To plant
Rapa Tao To place food in oven, Cook (in umu) (Grn).
Rapa Tapiri To glue; stage in pounding popoi; paste of taro
Rapa Taviri To vigorously aerate popoi with a resounding "whump"... Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rapa Tea/tea White, whitish, light-coloured. White (Grn).
Rapa Uru To clean
Rapa ʔUvai Ditch that directs water to the roki [taro bed] Phonologically Irregular
Rapa Varu/varu To peel, to scrape