Entries from Geerts 1970 in Pollex-Online

Geerts, P. (1970). 'Are'are Dictionary. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics C-14.

Language Item Description
'Are'are Rasu/a-na Bile, gall
'Are'are Rasu To smoke (of fire)
'Are'are Rami Eggs, of crabs and crayfish
'Are'are Raro Cloud, sky, heaven
'Are'are Rato Sun, sunshine, no rain, good weather
'Are'are Rae-na Stomach, heart, liver, lungs, womb, mind, seat of affections etc.
'Are'are Rau Tuna fish
'Are'are Karo-na Rib, flank, side, loins (of humans)
'Are'are Rua-na Throat, neck, back
'Are'are Ruta Charge, load, carry a load