Entries from Wahlroos, 2002 in Pollex-Online

Wahlroos, S. (2003) English-Tahitian Tahitian-English Dictionary Fa'atoro Parau Marite/Peretane-Tahiti Tahiti-Marite/Peretane. Honolulu, Mā'ohi Heritage Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Enaa It is there (near the other person)
Tahitian Taa Possessive
Tahitian Too Second person singular possessive pronoun, neutral
Tahitian Taana Third person singular possessive A-class
Tahitian Toona Third person singular possessive, strong possession. His her, hers
Tahitian Vetahi Some, certain ones, others Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Te tahi One, or the other (only for people)
Tahitian Mai Indicates point of departure
Tahitian Tooʔu Strong first person singular possessive, my mine
Tahitian ʔA Before a numeral indicates how many (persons, objects, times etc.) there are now
Tahitian ʔOre/raʔa Virtual absence, dearth, scarcity Phonologically Irregular