Entries from Milner 1966 in Pollex-Online

Milner, G. B. (1966). Samoan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Aasaga Ford or fording place
Samoan Analei/laa Earlier today, a while ago (referring to the present day)
Samoan ʔAalisi Cricket, cicada
Samoan Alelo Uvula, Adam's apple (offensive word)
Samoan ʔAua Not, do not; don't!
Samoan Aava Respect, honour (n,v)
Samoan ʔEne(ʔene) Tickle
Samoan Faigoofie Easy, simple
Samoan Faaloo Stretch [body], reach (for); tug, pull
Samoan Faagogo, faagono Tale Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Fanaiʔo (Sterculia sp.)
Samoan Faagogo, fagono Tale
Samoan Aga/a/nuʔu Custom (s)
Samoan Fasi Beat (child etc.), kill (an animal), slaughter
Samoan Fau Hibiscus sp.; (Hibiscus tiliaceus) (Whr)
Samoan Fauui A small tree (Grewia sp.). (Grewia crenata) (Whr).
Samoan Fiitaa Products of one's work (food, goods, etc.)
Samoan Fiitaa Difficult; strenuous, exacting
Samoan Foo/maʔi Doctor, assistant medical practitioner
Samoan Na/i (Often preceded by ni) Several; some, a few. Problematic
Samoan Nonu fiʔafiʔa Malay apple (Eugenia sp.) Problematic
Samoan ʔAaile First stage of the coconut (before the mosui stage). A cocoa-nut just formed (Prt).
Samoan ʔA/ʔalu Thick
Samoan ʔAu Stalk, shaft, axle, handle, whisk
Samoan ʔOu/oʔu First person singular exclusive conjunct verbal pronoun (pre-basic)
Samoan Natu Pointed stick (rubbed to and fro on a piece of soft wood to make fire by the 'fire-plough' method)
Samoan ʔAve Tentacle
Samoan ʔE/e Second person singular preposed pronoun
Samoan ʔIeʔie Working clothes, old clothes; piece of cloth, rag
Samoan Ta 1 sg. inc. affective, conjunct verbal pronoun denoting selb-abasement, together with appeal for sympathy, love or help
Samoan O/ʔu, aa/ʔu First person singular possessive predicate. My, mine
Samoan Aaʔega Group of people returning at the same time
Samoan Laaina Be exposed to the sun; be weakened, starved;
Samoan La/lagi Place (esp.) banana or breadfruit leaves on hot stones to make them more supple (and therefore easier to use as wrapping material)
Samoan Meo Disappointed; disappointment
Samoan Lue Shake; rock; nod (in falling asleep)
Samoan Maloaa Noisy, noise Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Mataʔitaliga Hammer-head shark (Sphyrna sp.)
Samoan Taʔale Soft kernel of unripe coconut
Samoan Mita/ʔi Boast (of), show off
Samoan Mi/mita Proud, conceited
Samoan Na/ia Third person singular conjunct verbal pronoun (pre-basic)
Samoan Ootai Kind of food made with coconut meat and molasses
Samoan Oti Die
Samoan Paʔi/vale/a Get hurt accidentally Problematic
Samoan Paʔia Be (accidentally) touched
Samoan Fai Have, get [sleep, a meal]
Samoan Fai Say, tell, ask
Samoan Puʔa Large coastal tree (Hernandia sp.); (Hernandia nymphaeifolia) (Whr)
Samoan Puʔa/puʔa Large coastal tree (Guettarda sp.)