Entries from Sperlich 1986 in Pollex-Online

Sperlich, W. B. (1991-93). Namakir: a description of a central Vanuatu language. Anthropology. Auckland, University of Auckland. PhD.

Language Item Description
Namakir Biʔalov Wave, beckon
Namakir ʔAso Sun
Namakir Mihi/ʔah Canoe bailer
Namakir ʔIl Maggot, worm
Namakir ʔOn Sand
Namakir ʔOdaʔ Raw (fish, etc.)
Namakir ʔUw Yam
Namakir ʔIh Rain
Namakir ʔIr Lobster
Namakir ʔIʔih Unicorn Fish
Namakir ʔIm Oven
Namakir ʔIt Ashore
Namakir ʔUtup Draw water
Niue Fakailo/a To inform, to make known
Niue Hifo To go down (singular only). Go down, go south or west (McE).
Niue Napaa/tia Accidental (due to an accident)
Niue Haana Third person singular possessive
Niue Tua- Ordinal layer of something Problematic
Niue Hooku 1st person singular possessive pronoun, can only be preposed. It is an old form rarely used.