Entries from Waterhouse 1949 in Pollex-Online

Waterhouse, J. H. L. (1949). A Roviana and English Dictionary. Sydney, Epworth Printing and Publishing House.

Language Item Description
Roviana Aŋo (Curcuma sp.)
Roviana Asa/ia To grind, as an axe if very blunt; grate, as taro etc.
Roviana Atu Expletive implying movement away of speaker or those addressed (Whe)
Roviana Varu A tree (Hibiscus sp.)
Roviana Vaqura/na New
Roviana Ziŋana A very small fish resembling whitebait
Roviana Kara General name for parrots (Whe)
Roviana Gaso-na Rafter
Roviana Koro/koro/na Lungs
Roviana Novu A rock fish dreaded on account of its poisonous spikes
Roviana Zinu A large-leafed plant; leaves used as cover of earth-oven
Roviana Soko To be joined to
Roviana Tiro Look at in a mirror Problematic
Roviana Togarau/ru A wind from the direction of Lauru -- approx. N to NW