Entries from Baker 1897 in Pollex-Online

Baker, S. W. (1897). An English and Tongan vocabulary. Auckland, Wilson and Horton.

Language Item Description
Tongan Alafi Feel after with hand Borrowed Problematic
Tongan Anufea Cold
Tongan Fekefeke To shiver and shake
Tongan Au/foe To peel off
Tongan Fula Swell up as result of breaking tapu ; tumour, hard swelling
Tongan Fu/fula Swell up, out; pout or blow out the cheeks .To swell, a swelling
Tongan Lak/oifie Fair, fine weather
Tongan Movete Be scattered, fall to pieces ; come apart, come to pieces; be scattered or dispersed; fray out
Tongan Nifi Little, but generally used ironically Problematic
Tongan Halotu To sob . To sob, to palpitate Borrowed
Tongan Hani/hani To strip, clean off
Tongan Toua A rope to climb by
Tongan Tautala Inform another of our designs in order to know his mind
Tongan Tefa Fondling; a loving and caressing manner Problematic
Tongan Jimu(jimu) Heavy blowing, almost a hurricane
Tongan Tooga Fine mats Problematic