Entries from Beckwith 1940 in Pollex-Online

Beckwith, M. W. (1940). Hawaiian mythology. New Haven, Yale University Press.

Language Item Description
New Zealand Maori Apakura Mother who engages younger son, Whakatau-pootiki, to avenge his brother's death
Moriori Apukura Mother who engages a relative, Whakatau to avenge the death of her son Tuu
Marquesas Apekua Legendary mother who engages her brother to avenge death of her son
Rarotongan Apakura Mother who engages Vakatau-ii to avenger her son's death
Samoan Apaʔula Mother who engages a warrior to avenge her son's death
Marquesas Haʔatau-niua Apaku`a's brother who assists in avenging her son
Rarotongan Vakatau-ʔiʔi Avenger of Apakura's son, Tuu-ranga-taua
Samoan Vaʔatau-sili Kills Apakura's brothers who have murdered her son
Aitutaki Matuku A heron being atttacked by a snake that is killed by Rata
Rarotongan Motu-taʔotaʔo A place where Rata slays Te Va`ine-`uarei and recovers his mother's eyeballs Problematic
Tahitian Matuʔu-taʔotaʔo A demon-bird slain by Rata
Tuamotu Matuʔu-taʔotaʔo Demon bird slain by Rata, son of Vahieroa Problematic
Hawaiian Milu Lord of the underworld
Hawaiian Kinilau 'Multitude' - a fishing god