#94.1: Bush Work and Gardening.

Reconstruction Description
AAROTE Plough, to plough (from Gk. arotron, Lat. aratrum)
FUSI.1 Swampy area, especially one under cultivation
KOO-PURA.1 Seed tubers
LAGA.1C Cultivate soil with a digging-stick (Rby)
LAQU.2 Piece of yam for propagation
MANUNU.1 Burnt off, of vegetation
OKA Digging stick; to cultivate with this
PUKE.1A Mound of earth, heap
PULAPULA Propagation material for root crops
PULU.5 Coconuts tied together by a strip of husk. Perhaps originally ten
QAU-TALA Remove spines or twigs
QAU-TALU To weed, clear land of weeds
QAU.2 To clear land, remove unwanted material, take away
QUMAGA Garden: *(q)umaga
SUNU-KI Insert, stick in the ground
SUO Gardening implement
TA-PUKE Mound (for planting)
TALU.1 Weeds; fallow: *talu(talu)
TOLI.1 Pick, gather (tree fruits)
TOLI.2 Cultivate; plantation
TOO.1A To plant
UTU.2 Harvest
WAERE.* To weed, clear away scrub, weeds
WAO-A Overgrown
WELE To weed

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