#18: Water Moving.

Reconstruction Description
FE-SIQI Burst out, be expelled, under pressure
KAHI Flow, trickle
KITI Spurt
LANU.A Be immersed, full; rise (of tide)
LIPO Eddy, swirling water, disturbed water
LUU.2 To drip or leak
MA-SUQA Overflow
MAA-PUNA Spring up
MAMA.1 To leak
MIO.1B Whirlpool
MISA Dry up, recede (of water), hence emerge (Ebt)
MITI.3B Undertow, eddy, ebb
OSO Overflow
PA-PII Splash
PA-TII Spurt, splash
PAA-SII.2 Flow, splash: *paasii(sii)
PI-PISA Send up spray, spout
PISI.1 Squirt, spurt, spatter, splash up
POHUTU.2 To splash: *po(o)(f,s)utu
PUA-PUA.3 Spray
PUKE.2 Well up, flood
PUNA Bubble or well up (of water); a spring
PUPUU. Boil,bubble
QEPU Murky, cloudy (of water)
SAFU.1 To run off, fall (of water)
SALI.1 Flow
SEKE.1B Flow out: discharge from body; (of tide) ebb
SINA.4 Drip, fall in drops
SORU To be disturbed (of emotions, of water)
TAFE To flow, especially of a current
TAFE-GA Small flow or current; place of flow or current; small channel
TELE.3B Flow, as liquid
TEQE.2 Ooze out, squeeze out (as excrement, pus, milk, gas)
TII.4 Spurt
TILI.2 Drip
TULU-TAA Drip; drop
TULU.1 Drip; apply medicine by drops; leak (of a house or roof)

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