#0: Grammatical Particles and Affixes - Number Markers.

Reconstruction Description
AU.2 Plural marker
E-TASI Certain (ones), particular but unspecified ones, others: *e(e)-tasi
FALU Some, any, other: *fa(l,n)u
FOQI.1 Classifying particle preposed to nouns indicating small objects of compact shape
FUA.3E Classifier
GAA.2A Plural marker preposed to definite or specific nouns; reanalyzed as plural definite article in a number of languages
GAA.2B Paucal number marker: *(g,n)aa
KA-.1 Counting particle prefixed to numbers *ka(a)
KAU.2C Counter classifier for various things, 20 general
LAU.1B Counting Classifier for flat things or some fish
MAU Paucal or plural marker
PUKE.6 Prefix marking dual number
QISI Some, few (plural indefinite article)
SE-TASI A certain (one), a particular but unspecified one, another
TAQU.2A Preposed particle marking nouns as plural or members of a class
TUQA-.2B Ordinalising prefix

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