Protoform: E-TASI [EP] Certain (ones), particular but unspecified ones, others: *e(e)-tasi

Description: Certain (ones), particular but unspecified ones, others: *e(e)-tasi
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to EP: East Polynesian

c/f *te-tasi "A certain (one), a particular but unspecified one, another: *te(e)-tasi"

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Easter Island Etahi ~ etahi/etahi Each one, every single one. Indefinite article, adj. one. Uncertain Semantic Connection (Fts)
New Zealand Maori Eetahi Determiner: some, others - often followed by a noun but can stand without one (Mfd)
New Zealand Maori Eetahi atu Determiner: some others, et cetera, etc. (Mfd)
Rarotongan EetaŹ”i Some of, certain of (Bse)
Tahitian Vetahi Some, certain ones, others Phonologically Irregular (Wls)
Tokelau Nieetahi Plural indefinite article. Some others (Sma)
Tokelau Ieetahi Plural article. The other, some other, some (Sma)
Tuamotu E tahi Loc. Some, others; the rest (Stn)

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