Tuamotu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.SIKI.1E Hiki Set out, move, go from one place to another, migrate (Stn)
PN.NANU.A Nanu To mumble, murmur indistinctly; indistinct, inarticulate (of voice) (Stn)
NP.FAKA-PILI Hakapiri To cling, keep close to (Stn)
CE.KIA.1B Kia Until, when (Stn)
PN.KA-KAU.2 Kakau A shaft, handle, helve (Stn)
CE.REKA Reka Perfectly, beautifully, admirably; completely (in the intensive sense) (Stn)
PN.MATE-GA MateeĊ‹a Death, decease; the act of dying (Stn)
CE.TEKA.3 Teka Strut, crossing-piece used on the *hopai* [scoop-net] (Stn)

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