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9 Results matching "tehina" in entry:

Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tongan PN.FAKA-TAU- Fakatau/tehina Like a brother or sister Problematic
East Uvea AN.TAHINA Tehina Frère, cousin (par rapport à une personne du sexe masculin); soeur, cousine (par rapport à une personne du sexe féminin) Borrowed
Niue AN.TAHINA Tehina Younger brother of a man, younger sister of a woman
Tongan AN.TAHINA Tehina Male's younger brother or male cousin; female's younger sister or female cousin
West Uvea AN.TAHINA Tehina Puiné/e, frère/soeur cadet/tte Problematic
Tongan PN.TAU-.7B Tau/tehina Two or more persons related to one another as brothers (or males cousins), or as sisters (or female cousins)
Niuafo'ou AN.TAHINA Tehina Younger sibling same sex Borrowed
Niue PN.FAI-TAHINA Faitehina Dear younger brother or sister
Tongan AN.TAHINA Tehina A brother