Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan Taa ..scooping up fish with a hand-net...
Tongan Houʔeiki Chiefs (pl. of 'eiki). In public speaking it is often equivalent to 'gentlemen' or 'ladies and gentlement' or 'you (pl)'.
Tongan Fesi-ʔi To break (a stick, rod etc.)
Tongan Mutu/kanga Dividing line along the middle of tapa cloth
Tongan Tokoua Brother or sister (without regard to sex or age on either side) Problematic
Tongan Meʔakai Food
Tongan Hangee (ko) Be like, resemble Problematic
Tongan Tauhi To tend, look after, take care of...keep safe, preserve...
Tongan Fieinu/a To be thirsty
Tongan Fakaʔofo/ʔofa Lovely (esp. to look at), pretty, charming, beautiful...
Tongan Malele To lean to one side or another, to sway; to cave in to some extent; (of crowd) run across this way or that; (of disease) become less serious
Tongan Tauhoa Two by two, in pairs; opposite one another in pairs (e.g., of two parallel lines of trees or posts)
Tongan Taautaha Personal, individual; one by one, one at a time, one in each place, individually
Tongan Mata/paa Gate, door, or window
Tongan Siʔi Small, little, young
Tongan He haa Why (in what way, or because of what)?
Tongan ʔAlu Go
Tongan Vahavaha (of three or more) To be spaced out, to be well-spaced (in place or time)
Tongan Laumanu Flock of birds
Tongan Faka/te/au To make up to a hundred, to complete a hundred of
Tongan Tuku To lower or let down, or turn down (e.g. a lamp)
Tongan Tuku To hand over, give; to leave behind; permit, allow, let
Tongan Ngahengahe/a To feel weak and nervy, esp. after an illness; to be exhausted or overwrought
Tongan Hua Change from one tack to another
Tongan Toʔu Preposed noun: harvest-time, time or season of tuber digging...the crop itself...time or season when birds or fish etc. are plentiful...
Tongan Tuʔamata, tuʔo/tuʔamata Eyelid, esp. the back or higher part
Tongan Fakaua To repeat, to have or hold a second time
Tongan Hiki To move from one place to another; to die
Tongan Nenu Speak falteringly or hesitantly
Tongan Kupu/ʔi lea Phrase
Tongan Tae Scoop or scrape together