Entries from Hazlewood 1872 in Pollex-Online

Hazlewood, D. (1872). A Fijian and English and an English and Fijian dictionary. London, Sampson Low, Marston.

Language Item Description
Fijian Vago/na Awaken someone (dial.)
Fijian Vuso Coneshell (in some dialects)
Fijian Kora/vula Oil expressed from coconuts by drying or baking, not boiling
Fijian Ququ/ca Hold in hand, cleave to
Fijian Rara-ga Heat sticks or leaves in order to supple them, as banana leaves in which to do up puddings
Fijian Sakulaya The swordfish
Fijian Soata Pumice stone
Fijian Sosaa Uncomfortable, grimy ; fed up with, sick and tired of, disgusted with
Fijian Seke Swollen and wet, of vagina ; mons veneris
Fijian Dulak/a Lift up with one hand, as a club in challenging an enemy Borrowed Uncertain Semantic Connection
Fijian Tusi Of native cloth kesa'd (marked with dye) with various colours and patterns
Fijian Ue Make noise or move about; to move in a confused or tumultuous manner
Takuu Araa Other (people, etc.)
Fijian Kove Pandean pipes, or mouth organs