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Protoform Item Description Source
PN.-A -a Suffix forming adjectives from some nouns (Cpl)
FJ.QAFA.1 Yava/ ni lawa Net gauge (Cpl)
MP.AFAA C/avaa/ Storm, hurricane (Cpl)
MP.QAFATO Y/avato/ Grub in a tree, develops into the Coleopterus called qou (Cpl)
AN.AFI V/avi/ Cook in earth oven Phonologically Irregular (Cpl)
AN.AFI L/avi/ Fetch firewood, carry fire Phonologically Irregular (Cpl)
AN.AFIAFI Yak/avi/ Evening (Cpl)
AN.AFIAFI Yaviyavi Evening (poetical usage only) (Cpl)
MP.AFO C/avo/ Fish with a rod (Cpl)
EO.AFU.1 Yavu/sa Kin group.> (Cpl)
PN.QAFU.1 Yavu Burned up, consumed (Cpl)
EO.QAFU.2 Yavu Foundation mound of a house (Cpl)
PN.AGE Yani Away Problematic (Cpl)
AN.AGI.1 Cagi Wind (Cpl)
AN.AGO.1 Cago (Curcuma domestica) (Cpl)
NP.QAGO.A Y/ago/ caa Lean, lanky (Cpl)
NP.QAGO.A Yago- Body (Cpl)
MP.QAI.2 Cai/ta Fuck (someone) (Cpl)
MP.QAI.2 Cai/tia Have sexual intercourse with [Lau Dialect] (Cpl)
AN.QAITU Vatunituu Commemoration stone Problematic (Cpl)
AN.AKA.A W/aka/ Root (Cpl)
RO.AKA.B Y/aka A creeper (Pachyrrhizus tuberosus) (Cpl)
PN.-QAKI.1 -aki Formative suffix (Cpl)
OC.AKU Yaku Take soft food with fingers (Cpl)
AN.-KU.1 K/equ/ First person singular possessive adjective (edibles), my (Cpl)
FJ.QARA Yadra Open the eyes, wake up (Cpl)
FJ.QARA Cadra Rise (of sun or moon), come up (of seeds) Problematic (Cpl)
PN.ALAGA.A I yaragi Arms, weapons Phonologically Irregular (Cpl)
PN.ALA-TI Y/ara/taka Haul or drag something Problematic (Cpl)
OC.QALAWA Yalawa Shark sp (Cpl)
OC.QALAWA Karawa Isurus (Gty)
PN.QALI.1A Yali Lost, absent, missing Uncertain Semantic Connection (Cpl)
MP.QALO.1 Yalo Spirit, soul Problematic (Cpl)
OC.QALO.2 Yalo Beckon (Cpl)
MP.QAROFA.A Garo Desire Problematic (Cpl)
EO.AMI Yami/yami Limpet (Cpl)
EO.AMI Yami/coko Shellfish sp. (Hkt)
FJ.AMO.1A Yamo Feel something with hand (Cpl)
AN.ANE.A Yane Moth sp (Cpl)
AN.QANUFE Banuve, nuve A caterpillar Borrowed (Cpl)
OC.QAO.1 Oo Cloud (Cpl)
FJ.QAOGA Yaga Useful (Cpl)
FJ.APAI.1 I yapai Purlins (Thompson 1940) (Cpl)
PN.APO I/yabo Those who have buried a chief Problematic (Cpl)
PN.QAA-POGIPOGI Bogi Night Problematic (Cpl)
MP.APU.A C/avu/-ta Pull up, eradicate Problematic (Cpl)
AN.ASA.1 Yaca To grate, grind, file (Cpl)
FJ.QASA Yaasa Wander about from place to place (Cpl)
FJ.QASA Yasa Go stealthily, as to take a thing by surprise (Cpl)
OC.ASI Yasi Sandalwood, (Santalum spp.) (Cpl)

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