Entries from Clark 1998 in Pollex-Online

Clark, R. (1998). A dictionary of the Mele language (Atara Imere), Vanuatu. Canberrra, Pacific Linguistics.

Language Item Description
Ifira-Mele Mafo Healed, as a sore
Ifira-Mele Maga Branch
Ifira-Mele Maragae Face
Ifira-Mele Maagaro Sweet (of water), non-acrid (of vegetable food)
Ifira-Mele Magoo Shark
Ifira-Mele Mau Plenty of food
Ifira-Mele Mwakauku Swidden; overgrown; weeds Problematic
Ifira-Mele Maire Plant used for garlands
Ifira-Mele Makariri Cold
Ifira-Mele Makupuu Grandchild
Ifira-Mele Mwara Kind of tree, probably (Adenanthera pavonina)
Ifira-Mele Mara Fermented breadfruit, taro or banana
Ifira-Mele Maara Garden
Ifira-Mele Marae Dancing place, open space in centre of village
Ifira-Mele Maraga/raga Rise (of sun, moon, wave)
Ifira-Mele Maarama Light, bright
Ifira-Mele Malau (M. freycinet) Problematic
Ifira-Mele Maligo Dark, ignorant; heathen times Problematic
Ifira-Mele Maariirii To fall (of a tree) (pl) Problematic
Ifira-Mele Marino Glassy calm
Ifira-Mele Maaroo Strong, hard, difficult, firm
Ifira-Mele Maru/maru Shade, shadow
Ifira-Mele Maruu/ruu Weak, soft
Ifira-Mele Mama/kina Chew food then feed to a child
Ifira-Mele Maamaa Thin
Ifira-Mele Mmae Be in pain, hurt
Ifira-Mele Mmafa Heavy
Ifira-Mele Mmata Watch
Ifira-Mele Mmate Die (plural of mate)
Ifira-Mele Maanatu Think, remember
Ifira-Mele Mantua Love
Ifira-Mele Manega Large parrotfish
Ifira-Mele Manivinivi Thin Problematic
Ifira-Mele Manini Fish sp., striped
Ifira-Mele Manu Thousand
Ifira-Mele Manu Bird
Ifira-Mele Manuka Boil, abscess, wound
Ifira-Mele Mao Ceased (of rain)
Ifira-Mele Maaori True, real
Ifira-Mele Gapu Put down a load, rest
Ifira-Mele Masa Empty; out (of tide)
Ifira-Mele Masaga Forked (Road)
Ifira-Mele Maasaga Twins
Ifira-Mele Maasaki Sick
Ifira-Mele Masi Bark cloth, loincloth
Ifira-Mele Masi/a Cut up into small pieces Problematic
Ifira-Mele Fuji /maasori/ A kind of banana
Ifira-Mele Masui Left (not right)
Ifira-Mele Mata Eye, face
Ifira-Mele Mata Point, sharp end