Entries from McEwen 1970 in Pollex-Online

McEwen, J. M. (1970). Niue Dictionary. Wellington, Department of Maori and Island Affairs.

Language Item Description
Niue Ita ta/fuaa/ Jealousy
Niue Fuata Shaft of a spear
Niue Fuataha Only (of child)
Niue Fue Creeping vine (Merremia peltata)
Niue Fufu Strip off (as leaves, bark, etc)
Niue Fufu Spray, mist
Niue Fuke Uncover, open
Niue Fu/fule To peel
Niue Fuli To turn over or away
Niue Fune Dried salt on skin after sea-bathing. Dry, not well looked after (of skin); bad (Sph).
Niue Futi To draw up (as fish), to hoist (as flag)
Niue Futi Banana, plantain (generic term)
Niue Futu Tree sp. (Barringtonia asiatica)
Niue -nga Gerundive suffix
Niue Gahaha Rattle , jingle
Niue Galulu Shake, vibrate
Niue Malue/lue Unstable, loose (as a post in the ground) Phonologically Irregular
Niue Hangai/a Face, be confronted with
Niue Hake To go up, climb; to go north or east; to take up, bring up; to land from a vessel
Niue Hee To herd, to drive together, to camp.
Niue Heke Mount ; ride. Ride [e.g. on bus] (Sph).
Niue Hoataa Noon
Niue Ka Particle of immediate future
Niue Ka e But . While; in order that, so that
Niue Feka/kai, fika/kai Malay apple (Eugenia malaccensis) Phonologically Irregular
Niue Kailuu One who picks up scraps of food; to eat scraps
Niue Kaka The voice of an angry woman: to cackle Problematic
Niue Kakau Helve, handle. Hilt (Sph).
Niue Kalee Porphyrio (Tafiti)
Niue Kulee Porphurio (Motu)
Niue Kamata Taste; begin; tempt >
Niue Kana Soft coral; to scrub, clean, burnish
Niue Kano Grain of wood or timber. Seed (McE).
Niue Kanoni/a Full, filled
Niue Pakapaka To flap, as a bird's wings
Niue Kapi Chip or fragment (as of rock, coconut shell, china etc.) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Kapiti/piti To bring together, join one thing to another Borrowed
Niue Kapu/ti To overspread, cover the whole surface. Nappy; put nappy on baby (Sph).
Niue Kaukau To bathe (Avatele dialect)
Niue Aa pongipongi In the morning, tomorrow
Niue Aa At, in (of future time)
Niue Kave(kave) Straps of bark to hold a burden on the back
Niue Kave(kave) Straps of bark to hold a burden on the back; piece (of cord, thread, etc.); rays of the setting sun
Niue Kaviti A loop; anything which fastens one thing to another Problematic
Niue Ke To (infinitive), so that, in order to (Sph)
Niue Mata/keho/keho Sharp point
Niue Kena Grey noddy. Black bosun bird (Sph).
Niue Keu Crooked; to turn aside, to go crooked
Niue Faka/kia/ To stretch out the neck
Niue Kili Saw, file; to saw. To rub against (Sph).