Entries from McEwen 1970 in Pollex-Online

McEwen, J. M. (1970). Niue Dictionary. Wellington, Department of Maori and Island Affairs.

Language Item Description
Niue Olo Stumps in the game of cricket Borrowed
Niue Omoki To dip in the sea
Niue Ono(ono) Look steadfastly
Niue Paa Slap, clap
Niue Faka/paa Touch
Niue Paa Shell fish-hook for bonito
Niue Pee Drift ashore, be wrecked
Niue Pe/peko To suffer ; to look unstable, or on the point of falling, to have a sulky appearance
Niue Peko/peko To be on the point of collapse (as when carrying a heavy load)
Niue Peepee The stones against which the king reclined while being anointed
Niue Paito (Motu dialect), peito (Tafiti dialect), piito Cookhouse, shelter over oven
Niue Pakaka To crackle, make a cracking noise; to clap (of thunder)
Niue Paki, pake Portuguese Man-of-war
Niue Pako A plant (buds used to make oil). Grass-like weed, including nut-grass (Cyperus sp.)... (Sph).
Niue Pakoo Sound made by a stick when broken; make a slapping noise. To make a deep crackling sound; to hit someone (Sph).
Niue Pakoko Stiff (as starched clothes). Brittle [ex. dry leaves] (Sph).
Niue Paku Dry (as rind, skin, etc.)
Niue Pala/popo Rotting on ground (of over-abundant food)
Niue Pala Fern sp.
Niue Palai A variety of yam
Niue Palatao A large fern (Angiopteris commutata), a common fern (Pteris tripartita). A fern (Angiopteris evecta), largest fern on Niue (Sph).
Niue Pane/lima Part of the palm of the hand where it joins the wrist. Base of the palm, lower wrist (Sph).
Niue Vaka paopao A boat, a canoe. One-man canoe (Sph).
Niue Pahu Bang, stamp, dash down. Stamp, slam; to fish by a method involving tapping parts of the canoe (Sph).
Niue Pa(pa)hua Large bivalve shellfish often found embedded in coral.
Niue Pato Duck n.
Niue Patu Rock; stony, rocky. Foundation (Sph). Problematic
Niue Pehena In like manner, like that
Niue Pehenai In this manner, like this
Niue Pena/pena To tie, bind. To bind, bundle up (Sph).
Niue Peehi Fall on, press upon, lean against. To press, push down (Sph).
Niue Pia Arrowroot plant (Tacca pinnatifida); food prepared from arrowroot
Niue Ka/pia Cassava or tapioca (Manihot esculenta)
Niue Mata/pia/ Gummy-eyed
Niue Piki Paralysed (of arm)
Niue Pihi/pihi To spatter
Niue Pongi Coward; weak, inactive (mentally)
Niue Pongi A kind of taro
Niue Poko To fail, of sight
Niue Lau/polata/ Inner, dry skin of the banana plant (used for wrapping valuables). Banana bark (continuous with dried leaves) (Sph).
Niue Poopoo Pat, slap
Niue Poo tangotango Utter darkness. To be completely dark (Sph). Problematic
Niue Pouli- Prefix to -taha, -ua, nights of the moon
Niue Puu Univalve mollusc shell; trumpet; horn of a motor-car
Niue Pukatea (Pisonia grandis)
Niue Faka/puke/ Heap up
Niue Faka/pulu/ Steep in water, ferment; hatch eggs
Niue Pulu/pulu Scarf. Shawl (McE).
Niue Pu/puni/ Enclose, shut in. Block up, cover up, partition (Sph).
Niue Puho A flame; to flare; blazing